EPT Dortmund: Michael tipped over the edge

Busted: Michael Muecklisch

by Simon Young

The blogger's curse has struck again. My tip to take the EPT Dortmund title, Germany's Michael Muecklisch, has been busted in 11th place, sending Italy's Christiano Blanco into the chip lead.

It was Ruthenberg who actually killed him off, but the damage was done the hand before. Muecklisch and Blanco saw a flop of 4-2-7. Check, check, but the turn was another 2, bringing a second heart. Muecklisch bet out with 110,000, called by Blanco, and the river was a third heart but also a second 7. Blanco bet, Muecklisch raised all in, Blanco called. Who had the full house? Neither - Muecklisch showed the the jack-high flush (J-8) but Blanco had the king-high flush, holding the K-6 hearts.

After the count, Muecklisch was left with just 20,000 - and as expected put them all in next hand with Q-3. He was met by Rutheberg's A-K suited. A Q on the flop gave him a glimmer of hope, but Ruthenberg hit runner, runner flush to take him down. Muecklisch leaves with €27,800.

Feeling at home: Sebastian Ruthenberg
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