EPT Dortmund: No one wants to leave now

We are on the bubble here at the EPT Dortmund - and have been for some time. No one wants to be busted in 49th place, the last before the money positions kick in. It's making for gripping stuff. Who will be brave enough to make a stand?

EDIT, 25 minutes later: We are STILL on the bubble, despite some all-in action (five times), the short-stack has survived each time. One had to walk out of the room covering his ears because he could not bring himself to watch. He came back in to find he had doubled up!

EDIT No 2: PokerStars frequent player point qualifier Jesper Witved has just survived the bubble - thanks to the river. Short-stacked, the Dane who runs a restaurant in Morocco, pushed with A-J and was called by Phillip Yeh with K-8. The flop was K-9-Q racing Yeh into the lead. Turn, 9, leaving only a 10 or Ace to save Witved. The river was the 10, filling up his straight.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in