EPT Dortmund: PokerStars, Friends Pt II

Kelvin Beattie, left, and James Broom

by Simon Young

Two friends have travelled to Germany together all the way from Australia to play in the EPT - after both qualifying on PokerStars. Kelvin Beattie and James Broom are both from Melbourne and regulars at the famous Crown Casino.

And to their amazement, they both realised they had qualified for this event in a cash satellite on PokerStars! They decided to make a holiday out of the trip, arriving in Germany last week to spend some time in Munich before moving on to Dortmund refreshed and jet-lag free.

First to play was Kelvin yesterday (screen name aces_up4108), watched the whole day by James until he busted at about 3.30am. Today James (screen name J_T_S80) is at the felt - and English teacher Kelvin is the one standing on the rail willing him on. Whatever the result, the boys from Down Under are having the time of their life. Said James: "We are treating it as a holiday and are loving the experience.

"We have a slight disadvantage in not knowing many of the big internet players here. For example I had Johnny Lodden on my table yesterday but did not know who he was. All I knew was that he was a good player - now I know why." Lodden, of course, went on to be overnight chip leader. Sadly, 8,000 or so of his 104,000 chips belong to busted Kelvin.
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