EPT Dortmund: Rasmussen out

Jacob Rasmussen is our fifth place finisher, falling for more speech play from Andreas Hoivold. The Norwegian raised to 106,000, saying "six is my lucky number". Rasmussen thought for a good few seconds before announcing he would raise. Quick as a flash, Hoivold asked Lee Jones - calling the final table here - "Can he do that?". With that, Rasmussen pushed all in, called in a flash by Hoivold.

Rasmussen had Q-J, but Hoivold had the K-K. "May the best hand win," he said. And indeed it did when the board came 7-10-3-3-J. As Rasmussen sloped off to collect his €139,000, Hoivold explained to the table: "I tried to play it strong so he thought I was weak - and it worked.

He has now soared past the million chip mark, and is looking a real threat.

Latest approximate chip counts:
Gunnar Rabe 2,000,000
Andreas Hoivold 1,700,000
Christiano Blanco 1,100,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg 400,000.

Brad Willis
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