EPT Dortmund: Two down!

New man at the top: Gunnar Rabe

by Simon Young

PokerStars qualifier Gunnar Rabe from Sweden is the new chip leader after busting two players in quick succession. For more than an hour, chips had passed around the final table with no-one seemingly willing to make that brave, last stand. That is until France's Thomas Fougeron fell in eighth, and soon after Nicolas Levi in seventh.

First Fougeron, from France, re-raised all in when the board showed 6-A-8-6. Rabe announced he had no ace but "had to call" with his suited 8-9 for a pair and flush draw. It was a good decision, as Fougeron flipped over Q-10 for, well, nothing at that stage. The river was a 3 of clubs, bringing the flush, and Fougeron left with €60,300.

Next out - and also at the hands of Rabe - was fellow Frenchman Levi. The pair got into a bit of a raising squabble, resulting in the inevitable all in and call. Levi? K-Q, dominated as it turned out by Rabe's A-K. Levi left with €85,700.

Earlier Rabe had added nicely to his stack with 7-7, after calling a bluff all in from Andreas Hoivold with the questionable 8-6 suited.

New chip counts:
Gunnar Rabe: 1,698,000
Christiano Blanco: 1,375,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg: 632,000
Jacob Rasmussen: 608,000
Erik Lindberg: 430,000
Andreas Hoivold: 302,000

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