EPT Dortmund: We have a final table!

Missed out: Christoph Steihler

by Simon Young

Christoph Steihler has busted on the final table bubble, out in ninth after pushing with the wrong hand at the wrong time. With the last nine players now re-grouped, and re-drawn on one table, he pushed his remaining 280,000 from mid position with nothing more than 8-6 offsuit.

It was folded around - but only as far as fellow German Sebastian Ruthenberg, who insta called after looking down and finding pocket jacks. Steihler's heart sank when he saw them, but the flop of 6-10-Q gave him some hope. But the turn of another 10, and river 4 sent him spinning away to find the cash desk, where €37,100 was waiting for him.

So we are down to the last eight, and the televised feature table. There we will have Ruthenberg, Andreas Hoivold, Erik Lindberg, Nicolas Levi, Christiano Blanco (chip leader), Thomas Fougeron and Gunnar Rabe, a PokerStars qualifier from Sweden.
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