EPT Dublin: Down to two tables

Johnny Lodden exits in 17th place with fellow Norwegian Annette Obrestad seeing him home - one internet demon to another – tens versus queens. It leaves just 16 players left on two tables:

Table one:
Kenneth Hicks Jr. -- USA
Daan Ruiter -- Holland
Tronde Eidsvig -- Norway
Casper Hansen -- Denmark -- PokerStars qualifier
Ludovic Lacay -- French
Ziad Kaady – USA – PokerStars qualifier
Reuban Peters – USA – PokerStars qualifier

Michael Durrer -- Germany

Table two:
Annette Obrestad -- Norway
Thierry van den Berg – Holland – PokerStars qualifier
Martin Green -- England
Reijo Manninen -- Finland -- PokerStars qualifier
Andy Black -- Ireland
Arshad Hussein -- England
Noah Boeken -- Holland -- Team PokerStars Pro
Anders Pettersson – Sweden – PokerStars qualifier

Tournament update:

A devastated Arshad Hussein is out in 16th place. It’s that girl again. Annette Obrestad called Arshad’s all-in showing A-9. Pocket fives for Arshad who seemed safe enough until the nine hit the river. Out with €15,320.

Arshad Hussein out in 16th place

Brad Willis
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