EPT Dublin: The story of day 1a

The Royal Dublin Society

Far from being ravaged by any potential Guinness hangover the start of the EPT Dublin saw 91 poker players from across Europe and the world fresh, on time and ready to take their €8,000 seat to the next round of the EPTs fourth season. Industries Hall at the Royal Dublin Society would be home for the best of them for the next nine hours. By close of play less than half would be permitted to return for day 2.

Liked, local and lesser known faces were here, including Team PokerStars Pros Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Dario Minieiri and Noah Boeken. So too the likes of former EPT winners Brandon Schaeffer, Rob Hollink and Pascal Perrault, plus multiple WSOP bracelet winner Erik Seidel, Englishman Barny Boatman, local boy Andy Black and Dave Colclough - to name just a few.

Whilst the day would end well for Boeken and Schaeffer, both ElkY and Dario Minieiri felt the wrath of a day that wasn’t going their way. Dario fell before dinner, ElkY shortly afterwards. Neither beat Barny Boatman to the rail, however. The Hendon Mobster was out among the first when his top pair flush draw was left floundering on the river.

Of the PokerStars crowd qualifier Rupinder Bedi was in good spirits and could have been classed as ‘most likely to succeed', having just come from winning over $400k online. Playing his first EPT his initial anxiety gave way first to confidence and then to disappointment as he crashed out, two pairs, aces and queens, against a set of nines.

A familiar face from EPT London was PokerStars Qualifier Phidias Georgiou, back to cross his London watermark where he narrowly missed out on the final table. Wearing his emotions on his sleeve and across his face the Cypriot played with flair, his tired looking face belying his confident approach as he attempted to pick up where he left off at The Vic.

They may not have exited the tournament but both Noah Boeken and Brandon Schaeffer experienced those perilous moments that precede defeat being all-in a few times - but both came through nicely. First Brandon was down to a modest 6.5k before doubling through Andy Black, using this new momentum to climb away from danger on what had been a difficult table.

Former ‘Magic’ player and Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken performed his own tricks to stagger away from 2k to 30k in about the time it takes to book a flight home. In true Boeken style he put a lot of it down to good fortune.

“It’s tough when you make the nuts” he’d said with a grin after doubling up with pocket nines on a flop of 9-5-5. The chips were headed back his way and he finished the day above average.

It wrapped up day 1a – 48 players likely to sleep well. We do it all again tomorrow as day1b gets comfortable in Industry Hall, starting at 2pm.

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