EPT Dublin: The whole truth and nothing but the truth

Experiencing his first EPT PokerStars Qualifier Rupinder Bedi looks strangely calm at the first break. No sign of the nerves that often rattle anyone new to the live tournament arena.

Rupinder is here as the result of winning an $11 double shootout on PokerStars.com and whilst his stack hasn’t yet taken off these early levels have done no end of good to his confidence – something he puts down to a ridiculous bluff early on.

Rupinder Bedi

“Yeah, a ridiculous bluff” he laughs. “Actually it made me feel better! I’ve just been playing my own game since then. I went down to 12k and now I’m back up to where I started.”

The 27-year-old from Leicester has been playing poker for five years both online and at his local casino, but after a few minutes talking it appeared Rupinder was no stranger to tournament success. What was his biggest win? I asked. Only in passing did he mention his recent $450k online tournament win. Feel free to volunteer this kind of information Rupinder...

“I’m a modest kind of guy!”

Either way, The father of three is all set now to match that with a live result.

“I’ve seen aces once and I’m enjoying the experience. I’ve seen a few players I recognise too. I’m feeling calmer now!”

Tournament update:

Barny Boatman was out of the tournament in the first level, losing out with top pair and a flush draw when the turn and river left him empty handed.

Also out is Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri. He’s suffered all day before performing a do-or-die move shortly after the break. All-in for just short of 2k he ran into Jan Sjavik who called with the edge, out-doing the young Italian with A-Q to his A-T. A queen on the flop put end to any hope of a Minieri revival.

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