EPT London: All the way to the money

Earlier tonight I caught up with Martyn Reeve in his hour of defeat. The Welshman who qualified on PokerStars seemed happy enough with his £8,200 – the biggest cash of his career.

Martyn Reeve: looking down, and out
Credit: Neil Stoddart

“The first day went really well. I had about 50,000 at the end of the day so at the start of day two I was in 15th. But I didn’t get many cards yesterday, I went down to 35k then one pot took me back up to 60k. I went up a little and came back today with 82k.”

Moving all-in he found ex-footballer Tony Cascarino calling, ahead on the showdown by the narrowest of margins, A-Q to Martyn’s A-J. Another ace arrived on the board but no sign of a jack, putting end to Swansea’s hopes of an EPT title.

“I tried to play a bit today,” said Martyn. “I wasn’t afraid of going out. I would have liked to make it to tomorrow but I’m glad I made it to the money after all this work! ”

A worthy effort from Martyn - £8,200 for four days work.

Tournament Update:

After a hectic spell of eliminations and chip movement players have now returned from their dinner break in something of a post-prandial slumber. There have been no further eliminations since Ben Grundy's departure in 21st and the chip leaders of before maintain their lead over the others.

Brad Willis
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