EPT London: Day three ready to go

Hello folks and welcome back to London -- especially those who have taken a recent brief sojourn via the PokerStars blog to Seoul for the APPT and, well, anywhere, for the WCOOP.

These are busy days for blog followers, but for the next eight hours of so it'll be PokerStars.com European Poker Tour (EPT) action, from a drizzly, chilly London.

Lovely London

We have reached day three with 40 players remaining. The top 32 get paid, and the big money goes to the final eight, who'll convene for the final table tomorrow.

First, of course, we'll have to shed those unfortunate eight, who will sidle out of the Grosvenor Victoria casino this afternoon having spent more than two full days around the tables for a grand profit of minus £5,200. It's some of the worst work going.

It's hardly made any better by the knowledge that those remaining inside will be battling it out for the following:

1st -- £611,520
2nd -- £346,528
3rd -- £203,840
4th -- £152,880
5th -- £124,342
6th -- £97,843
7th -- £77,459
8th -- £57,075

9th-10th -- £34,652
11th-12th -- £28,537
13th-14th -- £22,422
15th-16th -- £16,307
17th-24th -- £12,230
25th-32nd -- £8,153

And those still in with a shout are:

Surinder Sunar (UK) 403,400
Ben Grundy (UK) 220,000
Anthony Lellouche (France) 213,800
Lam Trinh (UK) 207,400
Phidias Georgiou (Cyprus) PokerStars qualifier 200,200
Pascal Perrault (France) 172,800
Josh Egan (New Zealand) PokerStars qualifier 162,300
Fredrik Haugen (Sweden) PokerStars qualifier 152,400
Stuart Nash (UK) 125,100
Alan Smurfit (Ireland) PokerStars qualifier 122,100
Katja Svendsen (Norway) PokerStars qualifier 105,900
Marcel Baran (Germany) PokerStars qualifier 102,800
Nicky Roeg (Holland) 98,200
Fuat Can (Sweden) 94,700
David Obrobac (Sweden) 93,500
Paul Mendes (UK) 92,500
Vijayan Nagarajan (Malaysia) PokerStars qualifier 92,400
Martyn Reeve (UK) PokerStars qualifier 82,100
Ken Wong (China) 79,700
Chris Moneymaker (US) Team PokerStars 76,400
Roland De Wolfe (UK) 76,100
Joseph Mouawad (Lebanon) PokerStars qualifier 75,400
Javed Abrahams (UK) 74,800
Peter Petersen (Denmark) PokerStars qualifier 70,800
Ian Cox (UK) 70,600
Shane Reihill (Ireland) 64,100
Marc Goodwin (UK) 54,500
Christopher Andler (Sweden) 54,400
Mehmet Cinar (Sweden) 53,400
Tony Cascarino (Ireland) 52,700
Daniel Mangas (Spain) 51,700
Joris Jaspers (Holland) PokerStars W$ player 51,600
David Sonelin (Sweden) PokerStars qualifier 49,400
Thomas Tollund (Denmark) 49,200
Niclas Svensson (Sweden) PokerStars qualifier 48,500
Jason Hackett (UK) 39,300
Florian Langmann (Germany) 37,900
Carlo Citrone (UK) 29,700
Richard Ashby (UK) 25,700
Erik Friberg (Sweden) 7,000

Brad Willis
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