EPT London: Final table action

Joseph Mouawab, PokerStars qualifier from Lebanon, wins EPT London and £611,520

10.15pm: Florian Langmann, Germany, eliminated in second place, winning £346,528
That's it. It all goes in on a flop of queen-nine-six and Florian has a pair of nines, Joseph a pair of queens. The turn brings another queen and that's trips and the title for the man from Lebanon.

10.10pm: A scary board of 4-9-5-8-7. Florian bets 300k, Joseph called immediately. Just king high for the Florian, a pair of sevens for Joseph in a pot that had crept up to 900k.

10.00pm: Florian takes a step towards levelling his stack against that of Joseph, winning a 900k pot, when he made a full house, nines over aces. Joseph had called Florian’s big bet on the river adding a little extra to Florians’ stack.

9.45pm: Not much to report at this stage other than a few pots split evenly. Joseph still holds the overwhelming chip lead.

9.25pm: Joseph wins a pot worth over 500k when he moves all-in over a 240k raise from Florian after the flop was dealt 6-9-J. The expectation was for Florian to call but instead he mucked his cards.

9.05pm: Players take a break for a quick leg stretch, comfort stop and a sip of water before heads-up action begins.

9.00pm: Marcel Baran, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, eliminated in third place for £203,840
The story has ended for one PokerStars qualifier. All in with 4-4 it was countryman Florian Langmann calling once again, this time with K-7. Unfortunately for Marcel he was behind from the start when a king hit the flop with no four coming to his rescue.

8.45pm: Josh Egan, New Zealand, PokerStars double shoot-out qualifier, eliminated in fourth place for £152,880
When Josh Egan moved in all he could hope for was that his K-J would give him a chance. Unfortunately for him Florian Langmann had found aces and called immediately. The flop brought a jack but that alone was not enough. The Kiwi, with handshakes all round, was eliminated.

8.40pm: We're four-handed now, three of whom are PokerStars qualifiers, proving once again what we already knew about these internet players. Once more: they're quite good, on the whole. Joseph Mouawad is king of the castle still, by some significant measure, and so the other three remaining are playing all-in poker. No one is calling just yet, but they surely will very soon.

8.25pm: Fredrik Haugen, Sweden, eliminated in fifth place for £124,342
Florian moved all-in pre-flop and found Fredrik calling with A-J. Q-T for Florian, covering the Swede. The flop brought a ten and the turn brought another. It was all over for Fredrik whilst Florian’s revival continues.

8.10pm: Florian Langmann’s tournament looked all but over, except for a three way hand that has revitalised his chances. Following a bet from Marcel Joseph called before Florian moved all-in for 134k. Both Marcel and Joseph called but after a 9-3-6-3-2 board Florian’s 4-4 was good with both Marcel and Joseph mucking their cards. Florian triples up.

8.00pm: Antony Lellouche, France, eliminated in sixth place for £97,843
In a quiet hand that almost passed by unnoticed, Frenchman Antony Lellouche left the tournament stage when his last 23k was swallowed up by Joseph Mouawad’s juggernaut stack.

7.55pm: Marcel bets and Antony Lellouche decides it’s his moment to push all-in. Thinking it over Marcel eventually calls showing 8-8. Antony can only manage 7-3. The board quickly reveals nothing to help the Frenchman and Marcel doubles up again. After the smoke clears Lellouche is left with just 23k.

7.50pm: After that huge pot went towards Joseph, he has taken a commanding chip lead. The latest counts:

Joseph Mouawad - Lebanon - 2,237,000 (PokerStars cash qualifier)
Fredrik Haugen - Sweden - 592,000 (PokerStars cash qualifier)
Antony Lellouche - France - 324,000
Marcel Baran - Germany – 276,000 (PokerStars cash qualifier)
Florian Langmann - Germany – 254,000
Josh Egan - New Zealand - 222,000 (PokerStars double shootout qualifier)

7.40pm: Florian Langmann and Fredrik Haugen split a pot when Florian moves in with A-3. Fredrik called with A-2 with a high board. Back to where they started.

7.25pm: A Florian raise, followed by a Joseph re-raise, followed by a Florian all-in move. Joseph called for what would be a race for his tournament life. A-K for Joseph, 4-4 for Florian. “I didn’t think you’d call that” said Florian turning his cards over. An ace hit the turn, and king hit the river. PokerStars Qualifier Joseph Mouawad doubles up.

7.20pm: Big double up, to 458,000, for Fredrik Haugen. Antony Lellouche made a button raise after it was passed to him, and Haugen, the PokerStars qualifier from Sweden, moved all in. Lellouche was committed and called with 5h-6h, which was especially weak against Haugen's pocket fives. No six appeared and Haugen took it down.

7.10pm: Players are back from the dinner break, and Joseph Mouawad is already firing: moving all in when an ace appeared on the turn in a pot against fellow PokerStars qualifier Marcel Baran. There was no raising pre-flop but Joseph bet out on a flop of Qh 10c Jc and Marcel called. Marcel folded, though, to that big turn bet.

6.00pm: An old fashioned aces versus queens hand develops with Marcel Baran all-in with the rockets. No help for Josh Egan and his queens as Marcel doubles up.

Latest chip counts as players take a dinner break:

Florian Langmann - Germany – 1,241,000
Joseph Mouawad - Lebanon - 716,000 (PokerStars cash qualifier)
Marcel Baran - Germany – 656,000 (PokerStars cash qualifier)

Antony Lellouche - France - 601,000
Josh Egan - New Zealand - 457,000 (PokerStars double shootout qualifier)
Fredrik Haugen - Sweden - 263,000 (PokerStars cash qualifier)

5.45pm: A slight lull broken by two consecutive all-ins from PokerStars qualifier Marcel Baran. It brought us some high drama for a few moments but each time Marcel found no takers.

5.35pm: The big stacks -- or, rather, stack -- is now dominating. Florian Langmann has extended his lead with a number of strong pre-flop re-raises, taking a couple of pots from Josh Egan. Antony Lellouche is also joining in the fun, and has also pinched a couple of smaller pots. Six handed still here.

5.25pm: Paul Mendes, England, eliminated in seventh place for £77,459
The EPT London has always had an English winner – not so this year as Paul Mendes is eliminated, all in with K-T and called by Antony Lellouche holding A-K. First card out of the deck was another ace, ultimately condemning Mendes to the rail.

5.20pm: After Fredrik Haugen bets 55k pre-flop Kiwi Josh Egan pushes all-in for 329k. Fredrik calls, showing A-T. Josh is ahead with pocket Queens and makes a set on the flop. No further help for the Swede and Josh doubles up.

5.10pm: Marcel Baran makes it 50k pre-flop with Joseph Mouawad calls. On the flop of 7d-9s-Ts Marcel again leads, betting 100k which prompts Joseph to push all-in. After some thought Marcel calls showing J-9. Joseph is ahead though with A-Th. The turn brings another ace, the river a jack. Two pairs each but Joseph’s aces double him up.

5.05pm: Ian Cox, England, eliminated in eighth place for £57,075
We've lost one. It's folded round to Ian Cox on the button, and he moves all in for about 150,000. Florian Langmann calls from the small blind. Langmann, the chip leader, has king-three and is dominated by Cox's king-seven. But the three comes on the flop and Florian's one pair takes it down, eliminating the Englishman.

5.00pm: Wags in the press room are already predicting a long night. We've only had one all-in called so far - the Lellouche hand reported at 4.45pm - and there's not much gambling going on. Fredrik Haugen has been busiest and has moved up a couple of places as a result.

4.45pm: Anthony Lellouche is the first player to move all-in with a caller. Chip leader Florian Langmann did the calling, showing 6-5s. A-T for the Frenchman who paired his ace on the flop, doubling up. Lellouche now third in chips.

Chip counts:

Florian Langmann - Germany - 759,000
Marcel Baran - Germany - 714,000 (PokerStars cash qualifier)
Anthony Lellouche - France - 660,000
Joseph Mouawad - Lebanon - 579,000 (PokerStars cash qualifier)
Josh Egan - New Zealand - 465,000 (PokerStars double shootout qualifier)
Fredrik Haugen - Sweden - 342,000 (PokerStars cash qualifier)

Ian Cox - England - 227,000
Paul Mendes - England - 178,000

4.35pm: It's been the short stack who's been bullying the table so far today, and Fredrik Haugen just took another pot of 205,000 from Ian Cox with a re-raise after an ace-high flop. Cos had about 40,000 invested, but folded when faced with Fredrik's 105,000 bump.

4.30pm: Still no eliminations from the final table, with chips sliding this way and that but no significant moves up or down the leaderboard. Calm before the storm?

4.15pm: The biggest pot of the day so far goes to Marcel Baran, who makes a king-high flush on the turn and manages to get Anthony Lellouche to pay him off on the end. It's worth 382,000.

4.00pm: First big hand, and it's PokerStars qualifier versus PokerStars qualifier. Double shootout maestro Josh Egan makes a small pre-flop raise and Fredrik Haugen moves all in. The pot is 313,000 and Josh has a real decision to make. He counts, he riffles, he chews gum. He counts, he riffles, he chews again. He folds and Haugen starts counting.

3.50pm: Florian Langmann flexes his muscles and picks up another uncontested pot. We've seen some flops but no showdown yet.

3.40pm: As expected, play is cagey in the opening exhanges. With blinds at 6,000-12,000 and a 1,000 running ante, no one is under any immediate threat. Antony Lellouche nicks a couple of small pots, before Fredrik Haugan slides a large percentage of his short stack into the centre to take a pot from Marcel Baran, uncontested.

3.30pm: Play is underway on the final table. We'll have full updates until the final hand.

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