EPT London: Hand for hand

PokerStars qualifier Phidias Georgiou is out of the EPT London having experiencing the highs and lows of both the chip lead and the short stack on the same day. It came as the hour was just minutes from midnight after play had for hours given the illusion of standing still. It wasn’t, it was just the death crawl that accompanies the approach of the TV bubble.

With a flop dealt Q-9-T Phidias bet out 40k. The decision was now with Florian Langmann whose stack looked mightier than the Cypriot’s, with plenty to spare – even with the re-raise of over 200k. Phidias, who had led the tournament before losing a mammoth hand to fellow qualifier Marcel Baran, was out of his chair, his jaw working a piece of gum in what is the loneliest part of a poker player’s day – the decision for your tournament life. He called, wincing almost immediately as Florian turned over his A-Q. Phidias could only manage K-Q. He’d need help.

Alas it didn’t come. To the handshakes of all at the table Phidias was gone, the curtain drawn on his impressive performance.

Phidias Georgiou now out of the EPT London

“I gave my chips away” I heard him say to one of those people trying their best to offer some consolation. Sometimes you can talk to a player as he leaves the tournament area - either they’ve exceeded their own expectations or they know another tournament is just around the corner. But sometimes it’s best just to let a man grieve. It might take him a while but Phidias will be back, but right now we’re left with ten players at the EPT London.

Tournament update:

Or so we thought. On the next hand it was Frenchman Pascal Perrault heading for the rail. Just as he had eliminated his countryman Thomas Fougeron earlier in the tournament, it was another countryman Anthony Lellouche who quashed Perrault’s hopes of a second EPT title. All in pre-flop it was Q-J for Pascal, K-Q for Lellouche. No help and Pascal was out in 10th place.

Chip counts in seat order:

1. Ian Cox – England – 239k
2. Florian Langmann – Germany – 835k
3. Anthony Lellouche – France -- 452k
4. Fredrik Haugen – Sweden – PokerStars Qualifier – 201k
5. Josh Egan – New Zealand – PokerStars Qualifier – 500k
6. Marcel Baran – Germany – PokerStars Qualifier – 606k
7. Paul Mendes – England -- 340k
8. Jason Hacket – England -- 92k
9. Joseph Mouawad – Lebanon – PokerStars Qualifier – 674k

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