EPT London: Into level 8

Daniel Negreanu has arrived at a new table and finds himself on the right of Phidius Georgiou. On Daniel’s right is David Danashgar, but more of him later.

Daniel’s journey here wasn’t an unpleasant one, working up to a sizable stack in the first 7 levels with some trademark banter and the grin of a contented man, before finding himself here for the 8th. Now though things have changed a little, highlighted by a hand that saw him lose half of his stack to an unknown player when his jacks ran into an uncrackable pair of aces. But revenge would soon be sweet.

On a flop of T-5-2 the unknown player was again looking for action with a bet of 6,100. Daniel is usually the chatty one, happy to talk, a grin on his face like he’s attending a party thrown in his honour. But now he was suddenly quiet, seriousness had descended, this could be his tournament. Evidently Daniel decided there was only one thing to do...


Whilst English only at the table is the common rule in EPT there are many languages spoken among the multinational field. So whilst you can’t hope to understand them all there is at least some common ground when it comes to involuntary purge noises, guffaws, howls of the soul that come the moment something bad happens. The unknown player made this very noise. From a country far far away yet everyone knew what he meant.

Up out of his seat all he could do was twirl round and try to compose himself.

“Please stay in your seat sir”, said the dealer.

It seemed unnecessary to tell him this - by the looks of things this leap had been caused by an excess of adrenaline coursing though his loins. But he sat back down to finish out a hand he’d thought he’d done enough to win. No so now. He mucked his cards. Hard won chips he’d taken from Daniel were now back with their original owner. That same Daniel was smiling again.

But this sign that the tide had turned back in Negreanu’s favour was not long in fading. With a board showing K-9-K David Danashgar, mentioned earlier and 4th place finisher at the EPT in Barcelona last year, was raising 1,625 from the cut off with only Daniel on the button left to face down. When he called the turn brought a 9, which in turn saw both players check. Only the river now - a 2.

2,350 from David, keeping the momentum going, asking Daniel the questions. Would Daniel call? No, he’d re-raise, doubling the initial bet. It seemed nobody had expected this, least not David who looked confused, looking at Daniel once, then twice with an expression that to the untrained eye suggested “What the hell do I do now?

But sometimes there’s only one way to ease the curiosity, and David has proven himself to be a capable player. He called. Daniel showed A-J. Pocket Queens for David and a pot to make day 2 seem less of the mountain it could have been. No noise from Daniel who takes a knock in the closing stages of day 1b, now down to 17k.

Brad Willis
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