EPT London: Looking the part

Gold rimmed sunglasses – sunglasses of the expensive kind, black clothes and a few days beard. Cap on backwards, shirt open at the neck and hands going haywire on a stack of chips measuring 11k.

This is 28 year old Phidias Georgiou. The Cypriot supernova is a rugged looking guy, the type cast to play Sergeants in old war films, no nonsense men who lead from the front. He’s not at the front, not here at least, but he looks like he should be and maybe looking the part is good enough.

James Dempsey is also at this table, opposite Phidias, who also qualified on Stars and knocked Phidias out in the satellite before he qualified. Nice coincidence and they tap knuckles in that way only cool kids know, talking of old times before the next hand.

First EPT – how was it going?

“Do you mind if we go outside so I can smoke?”

The man looked like he could do with a breather, nicotine or otherwise. Standing outside in the light drizzle seemed the least I could do.

“It’s my first big live event although I used to live in London and played at the Vic and at Gutshot. My table is okay with two aggressive players, on my left. I lost half of my stack in the first half an hour but I’m back up to 11k – I’m fine.”

It’s a table that doesn’t feature the kind of names that will gather a crowd, just poker. Soon it’s back to it, headphones back in, glasses back on, chips back in hand.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in