EPT London: Making money from Moneymaker

What's it like sitting next a World Champion?

"Pretty good," said a sprightly Rafael Comas, a PokerStars qualifier from Miami, who was moved to the right of Chris Moneymaker during level two.

And Moneymaker had chips at the time; plenty of them, after going on a tear through the early levels. But while the 2003 World Series bracelet winner might not have recognised his new neighbour, he was certainly familiar with the chips that began appearing in front of Comas. They were once his.

"I had kings," Comas began, when asked how he prised a few thousand away from Moneymaker. What followed was the tale of a raising battle, a ragged flop, and a big bet on the end that made Moneymaker lay it down.

"I had ace-queen, and the flop came queen high," Comas continued, as he described how he got another couple of thousand. "I took about 15,000 off him in half an hour."

Previously the owner of a bodyshop -- for cars, rather than muscles -- Comas recently sold up to play a lot more poker. It's in his blood, he says. Originally from Puerto Rico, Comas learnt the game at the age of 13, joining a regular family game.

Rafael Comas

And he's doing the family proud here in London. Moments ago, he picked up another few thousand after moving in over the top of an early-position raiser. Chips are moving.

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