EPT London: Making moves

Vajayan Nagarajan was the first PokerStars qualifier to make a move today, pushing all-in only for Peter Petersen to fold an ace rather than risk the damage. It wasn’t quite so straightforward for PokerStars qualifier Joris Jaspers. His exit was of the unlucky kind - with aces...

“I bet 8k pre-flop. He re-raised and I moved all in for 43k and he showed jacks.”

Seemed like a good deal...

“He made a back door flush... Sick!”

Disappointed Joris was in still good spirits. “I enjoyed it” he said, despite the sting at the end. He almost cashed in Barcelona and matched that here. Little consolation, but there’s always EPT Baden.

Another player out was PokerStars qualifier Niclas Svensson. His tournament came to an end after he followed a bet by EPT Dublin champion Roland de Wolfe by moving all-in...

“Anyone else... straight away...” said Roland as he took time to consider his options. “Call.”

It’s the stage of the tournament where that simple word sends anyone within earshot into a frenzy, stretching the rope line to get a better view of some poor soul’s misery. 9-9 for Niclas, A-Qd for Roland – the race quashed when two aces hit the flop shattering Niclas’ hopes for at least a well earned pay check at the end of a hard week.

“Anyone else” repeated Roland “I call (click) like that. But him...”

Brad Willis
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