EPT London: Photo gallery

As mentioned in a previous post, the action has slowed significantly in London. We need to get down to a final table of eight tonight, but there are a lot of medium-sized stacks out there, meaning most of the pots remain small unless there are two big hands. Blinds are at 8,000-4,000 with a 1,000 ante, giving potential bullies something to aim at.

Roland de Wolfe, on the featured table, has doubled up a couple of times, outdrawing kings with an ace-jack in one notable hand. Josh Egan, the PokerStars qualifier from New Zealand, has also recently doubled his short stack.

But this slight slackening of the pace works in our favour, allowing us the chance to take a glimpse at the work of another PokerStars star: photographer Neil Stoddart, who produces many of the peerless pictures from these EPTs.

As a rule, if the photos are crisp and inventive, they came from Neil's camera. Photos like these, for instance:

Ben Grundy, the Milky Bar Kid departed in 21st

Tony Cascarino, former "Irish" footballer, now poker star

Josh Egan, PokerStars qualifier from New Zealand

Jospeh Mouawad, PokerStars qualifier from Lebanon

Marcel Baran, PokerStars qualifier from Germany

Paul Mendes, from England (Texas)

Jason Hackett, from England, on the feature table

Chris Moneymaker, Team PokerStars pro

Stuart Nash, British pro departed in 31st

Phidias Georgiou, PokerStars qualifier from Cyprus, leading the way in London

Roland de Wolfe, EPT champion grinning his way deep again

All photos (c) Neil Stoddart

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