EPT London: qualifiers on the charge

You may have noticed from the list of remaining players in the EPT London that PokerStars qualifiers are doing rather well. That's nothing new, of course. We've all heard of the likes of Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer in the World Series, as well as Brandon Schaefer and Jeff Williams on the EPT.

And if there's another qualifier turned champion here in London, it will be one of these candidates:

Joseph Mouawad - Lebanon

Marcel Baran - Germany

Josh Egan - New Zealand

Fredrik Haugen - Sweden

Joris Jaspers - Holland

Katja Svendsen - Norway

Peter Petersen - Denmark

Phidias Georgiou - Cyprus

Martyn Reeve - Wales

David Sonelin - Sweden

Niclas Svensson - Sweden

Vijayan Nagarajan - Malaysia

And although he doesn't have to qualify these days, the man Moneymaker will hardly be ashamed to be featured in this company. So here's another snap of the man who started all this, now, of course, a Team PokerStars pro.

Chris Moneymaker - USA

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in