EPT London: The shape of things to come

EPTs champions are a varied bunch - casino locals, old timers, the new boy on the scene playing his first live event, and journeyman players due a result. One category of winner is the ‘player nobody seems to notice until things get serious.’ Natural ability and a knack for blending in trigger this phenomenon, and one player of this ilk is young Swedish PokerStars qualifier Fredrik Haugen.

With a ton of chips and the support of his girlfriend Elvedina on the rail, Fredrik is getting close to the final table, and has already beaten his previous best EPT result of 32nd in EPT Dortmund. But it might not have been such a pleasant trip to London for Fredrik who came close to falling at the first hurdle.

“I was down to 3k after two hours on day 1 but I worked my way up. I was all-in with A-5 and was called by Q-Q. I hit an ace on the river.”

Luck goes nicely with a little talent and since then the Gothenburg native hasn’t looked back.

Another player, a PokerStars qualifier no less, fits this 'from out of nowhere' description. Joseph Mouawad survived a spell in glorious Technicolor on the TV table against the likes of Chris Moneymaker, Roland de Wolfe and French pros Anthony Lellouche and Pascal Perrault. The quiet man from Lebanon, who only started playing a few years ago at the home game of a friend, now finds himself looking at his best tournament result yet, and has a stack of 160k.

EPT Tournament update:

PokerStars qualifier Peter Petersen is eliminated in 20th place.

Ken Wong followed shortly after in 19th place

Roland de Wolfe is eliminated in 18th. After surviving multiple all-ins Roland came second in a clash with Pascal Perrault - two EPT champions locking antlers, leaving only Pascal in the chase for a remarkable EPT double.

Chris Moneymaker is also out. Florian Langmann made the nut flush to send the Team PokerStars pro and 2003 World Champion is out in 17th place.

There’s a new chip leader after a monster pot developed between two PokerStars qualifiers (who seem to be flying right now at the EPT London). German Marcel Baran took the chips when his flush draw paid off, trumping Phidias Georgiou’s set. Marcel is now up to over 600k.

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