EPT Monte Carlo: Barry's all set

Greenstein shows off his book, a gift to whoever busts him

by Simon Young

Barry Greenstein, of Team PokerStars, has been looking tired all day. He only arrived in Monte Carlo late last night, and after a sleep that did not look long enough, he was sat at his table today. But, periodic yawns aside, he has been alert to most that his opponents have thrown at him.

His stack has been growing steadily throughout the day, but has just jumped a fair few thousand more to nearly 25,000 after a successful tangle with Britain's Julian Thew. The two of them, plus an unknown, saw a flop for the price of 600 (blinds at 100-200), 2-8-6 rainbow. Barry, author of Ace on The River, now bet 1,000, called by both.

The pot was getting interesting. The turn was a 4, bringing a second heart to the board. Now Barry bet 3,500, called by Thew but the unknown third player had seen enough and mucked. The river was 10c. Barry bet 6,500 and, after a long dwell, knowing it would leave him only about 4,000 behind, Thew called. Barry's hand? Yup, the set of twos on the flop. Thew mucked, and now has a major rebuilding project to undertake.

Sadly Team PokerStars' Luca Pagano is OUT. He'd been unlucky early in the day, losing half his stack when his set was overtaken by a higher one. Despite signs of getting his chips back, he was unable to complete a recovery. Details of his exit hand when we can get them.
Brad Willis
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