EPT Monte Carlo: Black leads pack

Anyone who has ever read Dr. Seuss to their kid has likely run across "Hop on Pop." I keep hearing it in my head as I watch the chip leader play.

These days, I sort of feel like I'm watching a new Seuss offering play out in the poker room. Andy Black, who some could argue is like a character from one of the books, continued his domination here today. He ended the day at 709,000.

Black leads pack
That's right, Black.
That's some stack, Black.
Don't look back.
Black's got a stack,
With which to attack.
Black leads pack.

Zen Black, on the attack

Elsewhere, Chad Brown's first two days are now a distant memory. He finished in 33rd place after chipping down to the point in which he got 77 in against pocket kings. Other big stacks including Gavin Griffin at 550,000 and Carlos Mortensen at 385,000. Check in on the chip counts page a little later for a full accounting of the final 32.

The remaining players come back at 2pm Sunday to play down to the final table of eight. We'll be back with them to report all the action.

Brad Willis
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