EPT Monte Carlo: Day 2 ends in the Black

"Nobody is luckier than me today."

Those were Andy Black's words as he gazed across his chip stack, a virtual mountain range of multi-colored chips.

"How much do you have," asked a railbird?

He shrugged as if it didn't really matter and he really didn't know. Likely he knew this, though: He was the chip leader and didn't look to give up the spot. A quick look put Black 500,000 chip mark. He'd been pushing hard all day to catch up to Day 1 chip-leader Chad Brown and before the end of the night, he'd already passed him.

As for Brown, a bit of a cooler made him far easier to pass. Simon Johansson of Sweden flopped a set of tens to Brown's set of eights. All the money went in on the turn and Brown didn't catch his miracle. While he still had around 200,000 chips, he was surely thinking he was about to be a lot closer to 500,000. Instead, Simon Johansson is a lot more flush than he used to be.

Simon Johansson

Noah Boeken never recovered from his failed battle with jacks versus Joe Beevers' A9. He treaded water with his remaining 20,000 before finally running jacks into Simon Johnsson's aces. He had only one word for it as the day came to a close: "Sick."

How about some final words from Ed on how things wrapped up today?

The Ed Report

Harry Demetriou was crippled when on a low flop he got it all in and was called by pocket 9s. Just at the start of this level he was in the BB and had 3400 left back. An early pos raise to 5K was called by the button and Harry tried to make them fold by sticking the extra 400 in the pot. Surprisingly this did not get rid of the other two and the flop came down 7d-9s-Qc. Rather than check it down the early raiser made it 6500 to play which was called by the button. Turn was Jc and the initial raiser checked and found a bet of 19K coming towards him. He asked whether he had hit quads and no response. After a short pause he decided to jam all in himself effectively setting the button all in who had 24K left. An instant call from the button who had 99. QJ for the raiser and Harry had 5c7c and actually had some outs for the flush. The river was a Jack and we lost two players in one hand.

Gavin Griffin makes it 6K to go from the button and the SB raises to 19K total. Gavin calls and the flop is Ks-4s-2c. Checked to Gavin who bets 26K. The SB raises all in for another 75K on top and Gavin folds. The SB shows AQ for a risky bluff. Gavin is down to 150K. Immediately afterwards Mickey Wernick raises to 16K UTG(not sure why it was this much) and Gavin re-raises to 36K total. FrankieA10 on the SB pushes all in for 19K and Mickey folds(appapently 99). Gaving shows JJ and FrankieA10 has funnily enough has A-10. The board comes 3-4-3-3-10 and we have lost FrankieA10.

Dlopt raises to 8K from early position. David Sykes pushes all in from the BB. Dlopt takes a time to call and is elated when he sees David’s A9. Dlopt shows AQ and David is drawing pretty thin. The flop comes A-8-6 and then a 9 spikes the turn and a simultaneous strike on the table from both players for very different reasons. No miracle on the river and David doubles to just under 100K. dlopt down to 35K. A quick wander back to the floor and I find that dlopt was eliminated whilst I typed the above. Details of his exit are unknown.

AmbientIII raises to 6500 from UTG and it is folded round to David Sykes who calls in the BB. The flop is 6-5-3 rainbow and David checks. AmbientIII bets 8.5K and David raises to 25K which is good enough to take it down. David has 110K and AmbientIII 170K.

A raise to 8K from rkruok is bumped to 20K total by David Sykes on the button which rkruok calls. Flop comes 4d-10c-2h and rkruok moves in. David instantly calls and 88 for rk and AA for David. The turn is a 5 and then the 2 outer on the river hits when the 8c falls. David is back down to 75K and rkruok up to 100kish.


Day 3 play picks up at 2pm Monte Carlo time on Saturday. We now have fewer than 90 players left in the main event. As we approach the bubble, it's unlikely we'll lose a lot of players quickly. However, once we hit that 64 mark, look for the speed to pick up again. Full official chip counts will be up when we receive them from the tournament staff. Until then, check out the selected counts on the EPT Monte Carlo Chip Counts page.

Night, all, from Monte Carlo.

Brad Willis
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