EPT Monte Carlo: Day 3 Live Updates

This post will be updated continuously throughout Day 3 of the EPT Grand Final. Click refresh to see the most recent action.

Blind Level: 3000/6000/600

10:01pm--The fast drop down to 36 slowed down for half an hour. Suddenly, we're done. The final bust out of the night was none other than Chad Brown who got pocket sevens in against pocket kings, held by Dean Sanders. They got it all in on the flop of 296. No miracles for Brown and suddenly we're down to 32 players. We'll have full chip counts out after the staff gets them counted up. We'll also update the results list when we have it in full. Andy Black continues to lead the pack, holding nearly 1/3 of the chips in play.

9:27pm--Down to 36 as Oscar Blanco's all-in push with K9 suited in diamonds could't outrun Erik Van der Berg's AA. Oscar flopped a million outs on a K56 two diamond flop, but couldn't catch up. Also out, the UK's Nick Goodall, who pushed with A-Q but could catch up with Pete Gardiano's 5-5.

9:10pm--Back from the dinner break. We lost a couple of players quickly, including 2006 EPT Baden runner-up Gunnar Osterbrod. We're in the process of updating chip counts for this level. We've also added a link to the EPT Monte Carlo results page.

7:45pm--We've reached the dinner break with 43 players remaining. Play resumes at 9pm local time. We're also working to get a new chip count to go on the chip counts page.

7:43pm--Carlos Mortensen is getting involved a fair bit with Canada's Marc Karam. I caught up with one hand when the five cards were already on the board - J-K-Q-A-3, the 3 being the third spade. Spain's Mortensen bets 50,000, and Karam clearly has a decision to make. He takes a good two or three minutes before making a great call with A-3 for two pair. Mortensen had pocket fives.

7:19pm--Dinner break approacheth and it seems players don't mind playing hard until food time. With 22 minutes left before the dinner break, we're left with only 45 players. We're working to get a full list of people who cashed posted, but at the moment, the line to cash out is still too deep and busy to get the list. Regardless, we'll have a list up some time soon and post it in the headline box above.

7:04pm--PokerStars qualifier Josh Prager is not a happy man. Under the gun, he pushes all in for 150,000. A monster must be in the offering. All agreed, apart from Holland's Eric Van der Berg, who called from the small blind for his last 70,000 with A-10. Josh, a pro player from the US who qualified here in a PokerStars cash satellite, held A-K and was well chuffed. Until, that is, the flop came 4-3-10. Now he needed a K, but the turn was a 2, and the river a devastating third 10 for the Dutchman. He raked in a nice pot to survive elimination, but Josh was non-plussed. "What did you think I was all in under the gun with? Nothing? There were people here covering me - I can't believe that call." Van der Berg was having none of it, and happily stacked his new pile. He's up to more than 140,000 now, while Josh sinks to 80,000 or so.

6:57pm--And as just as soon as we mention David Sonelin, he is gone. His naked ace couldn't out run Alex Kim's KQ. On my way back from the hand, I happened up Andy Black, who just made a good call with A9 on a Q97 flop. His opponent moved all-in for 160,000 and Andy called with A9. His opponent held A7 and that was all she wrote. We're down to 50 players and Black must be near the 800,000 chip mark.

6:32pm--Man down! Well, two actually, but we only just caught sight of this one: France's Ouri Cohen, nursing a 50,000 stack, pushed with the rockets, but his A-A was no match for the monster 10-7 spades of Marc Karam. He had Cohen, who qualified for this luxurious event using his frequent player points, well covered and calling was his only move. The flop, 3-8-2, two spades. The turn was the K of spades and unlucky Cohen was spinning to the rail. To get this far, and go out with the bullets, is unfortunate, to say the least. He does, however, leave with a comforting €13,000. So, 51 runners remain. They are playing this level, then heading off for a well-deserved dinner break.

6:31pm--Fifty-three players remain, among them a couple of well-stacked PokerStars qualifiers.

FPP qualifier Kristof de Smedt aka deluxy

David Sonelin

6:23pm--Age Spets has been eliminated. Short-stacked all day long, he survived the bubble. He made a play for the blinds and antes with A2. Alex Kim called in the small blind. The 82x/A board would've been great if if Kim hadn't held A8. Spets, alas, is gone.


Yeah, baby: Holly Vaswani and chips

Clearly this poker-playing lark is child's play. Here's 14-month-old Holly, pride and joy of Ram Vaswani, showing dad just how he should be using his chips. Except there were not his chips, they belong to Ram's mate Joe Beevers, still going strong here. Joe wandered over to find his pile, which he left neatly stacked as they went off on a 15-minute break, somewhat messed up by ten little fingers. "I had 145,000 chips when I left, and I'd better still have that amount now," said Joe, in jest, of course. Luckily no-one felt the need to tip Holly upside down, just in case. Doting dad Ram, meanwhile, is up to 300,000.

Elsewhere PokerStars has another success story here in Monte Carlo, in the shape of frequent player point qualifier Kristof de Smedt, from Belgium. Until recently, Belgium has not been known as a hotbed of poker action. But in this season's EPT all that has changed. PokerStars qualifier Daniel Dodet ran well to final table in Baden, Austria, and now Kristof is looking to do the same here. He has a couple of hundred thousand chips to play with. "I met Daniel Dodet here for the first time," said Kristof, "and he has given me some encouragement."

6:06pm--Players are just back from break. We're headed into the 3000/6000/600 level. Selected EPT Monte Carlo chip counts have been updated. It also appears we've lost Jonathan Little. Fifty-eight players remain.

All information below this was at Blind level: 2000/4000/400

5:39pm--Norway's Johnny Lodden is out. Not so long ago he was running into the hundreds of thousands - but he just threw his last 40,000 into a pot with Gavin Griffin and lost. A short while before he lost 50,000 when his 5-5 failed to improve against an all-in player's J-J. We'll try and establish what happened to the rest of his pile. Meanwhile, I've just returned from doing a commentary stint on www.eptlive.com (Simon Young) where I got to look at the feature table close up for a while. Two big names dominate - Ram Vaswani from England and Spain's Carlos Mortensen. But PokerStars qualifier Jan Veit from Germany - who took up poker just 12 months ago - is showing little respect. And no fear. Even on the bubble, and with 80,000 chips or so, he was mixing it up with the pros. On the bubble itself, he re-raised Ram all in, forcing a fold.

5:34pm--Some quick bustouts after the bubble, including Anthony Chatelain (who is all smiles following his squeak into the money) and Badgirl Pham, who just busted off the feature table.

5:14pm--As I typed the last, a Chris Bjorin got his money in with a flush draw and overs. He missed twice and left in 65th place. Now down to 64, we're in the money. The 3,500 stack, Anthony Chatelain, made it to the cash. Now, things will likely go much, much faster.

Chris Bjorin (left), the bubble boy man

Anthony Chatelain

5:09pm--As you might expect, the hand-for-hand bubble action has slowed down the action. One Swede is currently sitting in the cutoff with 3,500. It's barely enough to last him back to his big blind. For those following Marc Karam, he's managed to chip back up and is in better spirits. He currently is sitting just under average at 146,000. Andy Black remains the chip leader with 580,000.

4:53pm--It seems somebody lost count of the remaining players (and, to be fair, it wasn't us this time). We're down to 65. That means we're hand-for-hand on the bubble.

4:49pm--Down to 66 players, the most recent elimination coming up at the hands of Josh Arieh. From the button, he got short-stacked Mike Martin all-in. Arieh held QdJd to Martin's AK. A queen on the flop put Martin behind and he never caught up.

4:39pm--Age Spets just surivived a squeaker. With only 16,000 in front of him, he face a raise from David Sykes. Spets said, "It's almost impossible for me to fold." He squeezed both cards and said, "I call." AJ suited in clubs for him and pokcet fours for Sykes. An ace on the river doubled Spets up. "Poker is easy," he said.

4:36pm--Don't fear the reaper is apparently the motto here today. As fast as we are in getting back to report the action, players are busting out. We're down to 68 in just a matter of seconds. We're four off the money and will likely get to hand-for-hand action soon.

4:30pm--Ricki Nielsen has been eliminated by Andy Black. Seventy-one players remain.

4:19pm--A few selected chip counts have been added to the EPT Monte Carlo chip counts page. Here are a few pictures from the floor.

Marc Karam

Anonthy Lellouche

Josh Arieh

As seen in a hotel bar. As one player said, "This drink grows on you." Seems like it has a greater chance of growing IN you.

4:11pm--Players have returned from break. Keep an ear out on EPT Live for some color commetary from Team Blog's Simon Young! Seventy-two players remain.

All updates below this line are Blind Level: 1500/3000/300

3:53pm--Players are on a 15 minute break. We'll come back to the 2000/4000/400 level. Badgirl Pham just wandered by to tell us she's up to 70,000 from her starting stack of 30,000. We're nine off the money. Note: Ali Masterson was eliminated just before the break.

3:47pm--Devilfish is out after running after the nut flush draw and failing to get there. Seventy-three players remain.

3:30pm--Jan Veit, from Germany, is having a dream week here in Monte Carlo. The 21-year-old qualified for this trip using his Frequent Player Points to enter a PokerStars satellite. And he's made it this far, despite only having played poker for a year. This is his first live event, and he hopes to build on his credible starting stack today of 160,000. Good luck to him.

3:26pm--Over on the feature television table, Holland's Peter Dalhuijsen is out. He moved all in with A-10 of diamonds for his remaining 77,000, but was called by Carlos "The Matador" Mortensen, who held 10-10. Board - 5-2-6-6-6. A house for the Spaniard, and the rail has one more person on board. 73 players remain and the bubble moves ever closer.

3:23pm--Josh Arieh raises the price to play to 11K and gets a raise all-in by one of the shorter stacks at the table. Josh owes 45K if he wants to get involved and after counting out the pot he calls. 66 for Josh vs TT. There is no help for Josh and a chuck of change slides aways across the table from him. He is around the 300K mark. Andy Black is still at 550K.

3:18pm--Marc Karam has just taken a major hit. After a cutoff raise to 8000, Soren Kongsgaard, the small blind, raised to 31K, Karam raised enough to put the Kongsgaard all-in. The cutoff, Simon Johansson, folded. After thinking, the Kongsgaard called with pocket sevens. Karam showed AJ. A seven on the flop almost sealed the deal. Karam picked up a straight draw on the turn, but it didn't materialized. Karam is now sitting with about 75,000.

3:12pm--Mickey Wernick's comeback dream is over. Starting the day with just 13,000, he doubled up early, but is now out. He pushed with A-8 and found a caller. "The other guy took ages to turn over his cards, so I thought maybe I might be ahead. But then he flipped A-A. Oops. What can you do?" Well, the flop was 5-2-8, giving the Englishman some hope, but the following 4 and 7 failed to improve his lot. We are down to 75 players already - so much for a tightening up before the bubble.

3:08pm--David Kim makes it 21K to go and Ross Boatman calls all-in for around 19K. William Hill then moves in and David thinks for a while before he announces folding Jacks. A good fold but one he may regret. AA for William and 10-10 for Ross.The board came 4-J-8-2-4 so had David stayed in he would have won a very sizeable pot.

3:07pm--Roland de Wolfe has just arrived at Blog Central to report his elimination from the EPT Grand Final...on Day 1A.

3:04pm--A couple of hands from the floor:

On a rainbow flop of K-6-A a 15K bet from Samir Rahal is called by Johnny Lodden. A 4s on the turn and Samir moves in and Johnny folds.

William Hill makes an UTG raise to 7400. Called by both David Sykes and Roi Elmaliah. The flop is 4h-6h-2c and Roi bets 6K and David folds. William then moves in and wins the pot when Roi folds.

3:00pm--Lars Bonding has been eliminated after running pocket kings into Nicholas Ragot's pocket aces.

2:40pm--Fun and games at Andy Black's table already. But, surprisingly, it's not Black or tablemate Johnny Lodden making the early moves. Instead Pete "the beat" Giordano is getting busy. Hand two of the day he makes it 9,000 and it's folded around. Next hand, he raises again - folded to the big blind Hans Erlandsson of Sweden, a PokerStars qualifier, who dwells. "You really should fold," says Giordano. "I'm the tightest player at flipped over K-K. "That's not tight," retorts Black. "It's only the second nuts. Do you realise how many people have gone out of this tournament with K-K?"

2:40pm--Joe Beevers gets off to a flyer, doubling up with A-A against Christian Neirinck's K-K. The Hendon Mobster. Joe raised to 8,500, Christian re-raised to 35,000 and a very happy Beevers moved in over the top. No help for Christian, and the London moves up to 170,000.Meanwhile, short-stacker Mickey Wernick from the UK has found an early double up with A-A against Josh Arieh's K-Q.

2:38pm--Maurice Kenter of the US is out, running 10-10 into Anthony Lellouche's A-A. The board came 7-2-2-6-A. That rather rubbed salt into the wounds.

2:33pm--Nicholas Ragot has just eliminated PS qualifier Zack Stewart. The money was all in pre-flop with KK vs 99 and all low cards came down. Too low for Zackand he exits.

2:31pm--Age Spets has just doubled up. Lars Bonding raised to 6500 from the button. The SB Staale Egens called and Age Spets moved all in for 33K from the BB. Lars called and showed K10 vs Age's A10. The board came J-3-5-6-10 and Age more than doubles to 75K.

2:30pm--Daryl Jace is the first eliminated player for the day.

2:23pm--And we're underway at the 1500/3000/300 level. Here's a look at the players on both sides of the chip spectrum.

Andy Black, chip leader

Mickey Wernick, not so much the chip leader

2:09pm--Tournament director Thomas Kremser has just announced we'll be playing down to just 32 players tonight. It will take a while to get from 85 to 64 (the money), but after that, getting to 32 shouldn't be a major chore. We're not quite yet underway yet.

2:00pm--We're just about to begin Day 3 of the EPT Grand Final. With 85 players remaining, we're just a few short of the money bubble. Sixty-four players will be paid. We'll be providing live updates and pictures of all the action here. For a live webcast of the featured table, don't miss EPT Live.

The above reports are provided by the writers of the PokerStars Poker Blog, Brad Willis, Simon Young, and Ed Ramshaw.

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