EPT Monte Carlo: Early action and big names

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by Ed Ramshaw

With the stacks at 15,000 and 90 minute levels large hands at this stage are hard to come by. Carlos Mortensen is one big name player who has had a hard time of it early. On a board of 10h-4d-5h-7s and 4K in the pot Carlos leads out with 2,750. This is called in two spots and the river is the 8c. Carlos checks to an unknown who bets 3,200. The other chap folds but Carlos calls the bet and the unknown in the BB shows 62o for the straight. This hit knocks Carlos down to around half his starting stack. A recent wander round the room has shown that this has dwindled yet further and he now has just over 5K.

Barry Greenstein is up early. On a board of 8d-7h-9c-Kd-8h and a pot of 1,800 Barry fires out 2K. This is called and Barry shows pocket cowboys to take the pot down with a Full house. This pot puts Barry up to around 19K.

Barry Greenstein

Gobboboy is continuing where he left off in Atlantis and the Aussie Millions and is already accumulating a healthy stack. With a flop of 10h-9s-7h and the pot around 1K gobboboy fires 750 out. This is raised by the one other player in the hand to 2,250 total. Gobboboy calls. Turn is the Qh and both players check. The river is 5s and gobboboy leads out with 4K. The unknown PokerStars qualifier makes a crying call and gobboboy shows AhKh for the nuts. Gobboboy had around 22K after that hand.

Jimmy "gobboboy" Fricke

Victor Ramdin seems to be getting a fair amount of respect at his table and doubtless the Foxwords WPT winner deserves it. With some power poker he took down a semi decent pot firing out shell after shell on a raggedy board. This increase worked and the unknown folded for the 1,600 bet on the river. A little while later he was in the BB and got 5 limpers. The flop came 2h-6c-10d and a 200 bet from Victor is enough to take it down.

There are so many big names out in the field it is no surprise to find several tables laden with stars. Greg Raymer and EPT regular Marcus Golser are at the same table and have already been involved in an early exchange. 3 players including GR and MG check a flop of 10h-Qh-3h. The turn brings the 8s and a 300 bet from greg is called by both players. The river brings another 8 and again the action is checked. Marcus shows a queen t take it down and win the early exchange.

Porsche driver Dario Minieri is also doing fairly well at his table. With the board showing 8h-4c-Jd-Ad-2s and facing a bet of 1,800 he makes a crying call and the other player immediately mucked. There was some confusion as to whether Dario had to show or not. He chose not to and that win takes him up to around 18K.

A few notable names in the field today:

Mikael Westerlund
Ben Grundy
Steve Vladar
Rob Hollink
Age Spets
Jan Christoph Von Halle
Katja Thater
Fabrice Soulier
Mex Pescatori
Paul Roper
Roland de Wolfe
Barny Boatman
Julian Thew
Pete Giordano
John Shipley
Carl Olson
Mark Vos

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