EPT Monte Carlo: Enormous first prize

If there's anything a player likes to hear after a big meal (other than, "Okay, nap time, everybody!), it's that they are playing for a 1.8 million euro first prize. The exact payout structure is still being worked up, but first prize is a lock and players can't stop talking about it. If the EPT had not yet arrived, it certainly has now.

The dinner buffet ranged from squid to roast, not once leading anyone make a joke about fish or ponder "Where's the beef?" Now, those players who survived the dinner break are on their way back to attempt to go from a big meal to a big deal.

Isabelle returns from dinner with a new look

Shaniac realizes his Bose QC3s work pretty damned well

Mats Iremark passes the time with his toys

Gavin Griffin, blonde and spikey

The Ed Report

In a 3 way pot with 2K already in the middle and the flop showing 10c-3d-2h Devilfish fired out 1500 and was called by one player. An Ad on the turn and Devilfish led out with 4K this time. His opponent thought for an age before folding. Devilfish showed his 77 face up and mentioned something about not messing with the fish -- we are presuming he meant the Devilfish or he was just insulting his own poker play.

An early position raise to 400 is called by Willie Tann and ElkY. The flop comes Jh-3c-3s and Willie bets 600 which is called by ElkY. The other player folds. An 8s on the turn and a Ac on the river are both checked and ElkY shows J10 suited to take it down. Willie flashes 99 as he bins them. ElkY is around 22K and Willie is near enough at his starting stack of 15K.

2006 EPT Barcelona Champion Bjorn-Erik Glenne is absolutely motoring at the moment. I caught him involved with another dangerous player at his table, Patrik Antonious (another former EPT Champion). With 1100 in the pot and the board showing Ks-Kd-7h Bjorn had bet 1025. Patrik had raised to 3100 and a re-raise from Bjorn to 7300 was enough to make Patrick fold. Even without Phil Ivey at this table, the press are still swarming around it and no wonder as Bjorn is one of the days chip leaders with somewhere in the region of 70K. Patrik still has 23K.

High stakes French player Davd Benyamine has just doubled up someone at his table. The cut off raised to 550 and Vicky Coren on the button called. David raised to 2100 and the cut off moved in for 6100 total. David felt priced in and called. AQ for David vs JJ. The cards were all low and the cut off doubled leaving David at 24K.

The Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth is in town and after a shaky start seems to be settling into his rhythm. He bumped it to 500 from mid position to be called by the big blind. The flop was 8d-Kc-10d and after a check from the BB Phil bet 500. This was raised to 2025 and Phil pretty much instantly called. The As on the turn was checked by both players and the BB also checked the 9c river. Phil bet out 3K on the end which took down the pot and chipped him up to 19K.

Devilfish is continuing his persecution of the player sat opposite him. He showed a bluff earlier today with 77 into a big pot for that stage of the game. In this hand I caught site of a board showing 8d-2d-5h-2s-Ks and the chap was facing a 6K bet from Devilfish. The pot was 8.5K not including Devilfish's bet. Another fold and Devilfish shows A-10 for pretty much nothing.

Erica Schoenberg has just doubled a player up. She raised to 800 from mid position and the SB moved in for 6100 total. Erica counted out what she would be left with and decided to call showing JJ. The SB showed AK and it is race time. A king on the flop was enough to secure the win, although Erica did have a flush draw on the river, which missed. She is now down to 16K.

Keith 'The Camel' Hawkins limps UTG for 200 and the blinds, Shane 'Shaniac' Schleger and Isabelle 'No Mercy' Mercier also get involved. Flop comes Ah-6h-5c and Keith bets 300 after the others check. Isabelle decides to stay in and turn is 3s. Keith fires out 1K and Isabelle calls again. A 10d on the river prompts a check from both players and Isabelle shows a 6 which takes it down. This win puts her up to 8.5K.

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