EPT Monte Carlo: Hellmuth's hell and Stoddard's eye

It's hard to pinpoint how this night is different than the last. Perhaps it is because there were a few more players in today's flight. Perhaps it's because a few crowd favorites were sliced and diced in the early rounds. Perhaps its just second flight fatigue. Regardless, though it's getting on toward 11pm here, it doesn't seem like the second half of action is as intense as it was in the late-going yesterday. Still, the enormity of the prize pool is lending some extra juice where the late-day fatigue is taking it away. Every chip matters. Speaking of which, the EPT Monte Carlo chip counts have been updated for Level 4.

Now seems as good as any time to give you another look at this event through the eyes of Neil Stoddard, our pro photographer who stops by once a day to unintentionally make me realize I should take a class or two in this photography thing (No worries, Neil. I know I'm an amateur and you had me at hello).

Phil Hellmuth (see a bit further down for a picture that gives a better idea of how the Poker Brat is faring now)

Devilfish (my vote for picture of the day)

Patrik Antonius, the one souvenir I may take home for my wife

Per "Nemo" Ummer, one of few you can call a fish without being insulting

Lee Nelson

Isabelle Mercier, in earlier, less stressful times

The Great Dane, Gus Hansen

Finally, as we begin Level 5, Simon Young happened to be standing near Hellmuth as the last blind level closed. He came back to report...

"Hellmuth feels he is getting the rough end of the luck today. The latest hand, the last before a 15-minute break, saw him lead out pre-flop, on the flop, and on the turn, called each time by his opponent. The river made his foe's flush and Hellmuth mucked in disgust. He slapped the table, then, as the other player trooped out for their quick break, he remained in hit seat, his leather jacket covering his head."

Hellmuth's day got a little worse after the break - he lost half his stack just now when he ran into a set of aces. Fears rise that a blow-up is imminent.

Brad Willis
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