EPT Monte Carlo: "It's a cull"

Breaking news: Barry Greenstein, Bill Chen, Vicky Coren have all been eliminated

More than one hundred of the players who started the day have now found their way back to their hotel rooms or, more suitably, a bar to lament their finish. We now sit under the 230 mark, causing blogger Simon Young to remark quietly, "It's a cull."

The rough run today is causing no small amount of tension in the room. Neil Stoddard told me a quick tale earlier about a hand involving Emad Tahtouh, Joe Hachem's big mate. Apparently, Emad - currently sitting on more than 140,000 - came in for a raise and one of his tablemates said something about Emad's poor table image. As it happened, there was still a player left in the hand. Said player had just arrived and knew nothing of Emad's image--good or bad. Regardless, right after the comment, the new player pushed all his chips in. Emad was, in a word, nonplussed.

Chad Brown, who started the day with a big chip lead, now has, er, an even bigger chip lead. He's up to over 300,000, with two new fresh scalps attached to his belt. One was a biggie - Sweden's William Thorson. Thorson and another player moved all in on a flop of K-Q-9, bets matched by Chad. The first had A-Q, bettered by Thorson's 9-9 for the set. Chad, perhaps worried one had 10-J for the straight, happily turned over his Q-Q for a higher set.

Missing, and presumed out, is Finland's Patrik Antonius. He had been yo-yoing dramatically for two days, and appears to have made one move too many here. Details when we can get them. The UK's Xuyen "Bad Girl" Pham is enjoying herself. Short-ish late last night, she finished the day up a bit on 20,000. Now, she sits on a stack of more than 90,000 after trebling up with Q-Q against two A-K hands.

Team PokerStars' Katja Thater, fresh off her final table performance in Warsaw, is managing to hang in there, despite the mass blood-letting. Her stack is a bit short, but she seems to be able to afford some patience at the moment.

Other Team PokerStars' members aren't faring as well. Roving Report Ed Ramshaw has set himself up to watch the players as they are led away.

The Ed Report

Some quick fire news as players seem to be dropping like flies.

Bill Chen went out at the end of the last level. The chips went in the middle on a flop of J-10-9. Bill had J-10 and his opponent QQ. His opponent hit a straight to send Bill to the rail.

Emad Tahtouh is up to around 100K having eliminated a player with AK against KJ.
Roy "The Boy" Brindley has been eliminated. With the flop showing K-10-4 Roy bet 4K and was minimum raised by the player to his left. Roy moved in and hiss opponent instantly called. Roy was drawing pretty thin when he showed AK against his opponent's 10-10. Thin turned into dead when the case 10 hit the turn to give quads.

Victoria Coren has also left the building. She moved all in from the button with A6. The SB called and BB folded. Vicky turned A6 and the SB pocket rockets. The flop gave her some hope for a gutshot draw with K-J-10 and a 6 on the turn increased her outs but the river was a 5 and we say goodbye to the EPT London Champion.

Barry Greenstein is also OUT. He raised to 3K, Andy Black re-raised to 10K, and Barry pushed in. AK for Barry and AA for Andy. No miracle outdraw for Barry and Andy moves up to 150K.

Fortunately Greg Raymer is still going strong. I saw him take a slight setback when he raised to 2400 from the cut off and was called by the button. The flop was 6c-Ah-6h and a bet of 3500 was called by the button. 10c on the turn and 9d on the river were checked by both and the button shows 88 for the pot. He moved all in soon after when a player re-raised him on the flop. A long dwell later, and Greg took it down, taking him back up to 75,000.

Finally, lukefromb13 has been eliminated. Facing an early position raise and three callers, lukefromb13 pushed with AK from the big blind, got called by JT, and was outdrawn.

From TLB to EPT

by Ali Lightman

"I am speechless, it's unbelievable" said Tyler 'tnetter' Netter, as he prepared to sit down in the biggest poker tournament of his young life.

"I am chasing my dream."

Even though he's only 20 years old, Tyler, from Gainsville, Florida, is no ingenue at the table. He estimates his winnings to date at $400,000.

"It's a beautiful game, the best game in the world," he said. "Everyone gets two cards and anyone can win. There's no other sport like it. Maybe it's my turn now."

Winning the PokerStars' Tournament Leader Board guaranteed Tyler's entry to the Monte Carlo EPT Season Three Grand Final.

He's sharing his first adventure in Monte Carlo with his cousin, Rick.

Rick was on the rail cheering for Tyler during the EPT events in London and Barcelona. So is Rick your lucky charm, I wondered? "No, I got knocked out on bad beats both times. I always do when he's around, but I bring him with me anyway."

I was feeling slightly nervous about the Rick Effect when I went to check up
on Tyler.

Where's Rick? I asked. "By the pool," Tyler replied.

Perhaps he should stay there.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in