EPT Monte Carlo: Level 5 Action and photo gallery

The world's most beautiful poker room

Luca Pagano, we hardly knew ye, but know you left in Level 4

Barry Greenstein, tired after a long night of flying and long day of playing

Jan Von Halle, poker player and German blogger extraordinaire

Humberto Brenes, reserved as usual

Annette_15 looking every bit the star she is

Moneymaker still in the moneymaking hunt

With thanks to Neil Stoddard, the real pro when it comes to capturing the feel of the room.

The Ed Report

With the blinds at 150/300, the bigger pots that we have all been waiting for are starting to materialise. We currently have 252 players remaining on Day 1A, with an average stack of just under 20K.

Due to the popularity of the event, there were a few too many people for the buffet, which meant that uwillfold joined a couple of us for a bite to eat at the hotel restaurant. He did not stay for long, conscious that he did not want get blinded away, and it may have been a better move to stay. He raised to 800 from the button when the action had been folded around and the BB called. The flop was 5s-10s-6c and his 1500 bet was called. A 3d on the turn prompted a couple of checks. Ace of diamonds on the river and a 3K bet from uwillfold was raised all in. Uwillfold instantly folded but is still left with a stack somewhere north of 40K. Just before his dinner break, he had doubled up on a low flop with KK v QQ, so he can afford to take this slight hit.

Fabrice Soullier is currently battling a shortstack, but has just doubled up. He moved in with 22 and was called by A9. The flop brought a 2 and a 'merci' from Fabrice. He now has just over 5K.

Four players limped to TheBeat's big blind, who checked his option. The flop was Qc-Jc-5s and Noah led out with 1500. This was called by Johnny Lodden and the rest of the table folded. 10d on the turn and Lodden fired out 3.5K which was called by Noah. A 2h on the river seemed pretty innocuous and Johnny bet out 7.5K which Noah eventually called. Johhny showed QJ for the pot. Noah flashed Q10 as he chucked them in the muck. Noah is still above average on 24K and Johnny has around 50K.

UK Poker Pro Ben Roberts is OUT. He got all the money in preflop with AK versus a unknown's JJ. The board were all low cards and Ben is going to have to head off to the SnG tables that started a while ago.
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