EPT Monte Carlo: One pricey boat

When PokerStars created Battleship tournament events back at the 2006 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, it was clear that a phenomenon was in the offing. The popularity grew so fast over the past couple of years, I'd often thought to remark, "We're going to need a bigger boat."

This year at the EPT Grand Final, the organizers decided not to run a tournament per se, but rather offer players the option of playing single heads up tournaments for as little or as much money as they like. As such, there have been people playing in the PokerStars Battleship Harbor for as little as 5 euros. At the dinner break tonight, though, something else developed. Word spread quickly that a couple players had found that elusive bigger boat.

As I type, William Thorson and fishrus are playing a series of three heads-up matches for 25,000 a piece. At the moment, William is up one match on fishrus. We need to return to the main tournament area for the big event, but if you'd like to keep tabs on the matches, you can get on the PokerStars software, click EPT, and All, then look for the Battleship matches.


William Thorson

Relaxed and playing for 25K a piece...three times

Brad Willis
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