EPT Monte Carlo: Raymer on the move (updated)

by Simon Young

Greg Raymer had been hovering on average chips for most of the day, but you sensed he was about to let loose any time soon. That moment has come, and he has doubled up to more than 35,000, way above the 17,000 room average. Fellow world champ and Team PokerStars player Chris Moneymaker has also improved to about 24,000.

But they are still being eclipsed by the Boy from Brazil, Thiago Carrico, who has nearly 50,000 and is contender for current chip leader. He's a PokerStars player who had initially qualified for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, but was unable to attend and managed to swap his seat for one here in Monte Carlo. It could, just could, be the best decision of his life.

All these players are still slogging it out while the other half of the field enjoy tucking into their dinner in the main hotel complex. But in ten minutes the two halves of the field will swap over - and Greg, Chris and Thiago will lead the charge to the buffet.

Currently 285 players from the 329 starters remain. But with blinds now running at 100-200, we expect the death rate to increase.


Moments after Simon put up this post, it all went wrong. Ed brought back this piece of news.

Chris Moneymaker has been on a rollercoaster ride during level 4. On a board of 5h-7c-10d-Ac-3c an unknown bet 1500 into Chris. He raised it up to 5K to play, which was called. Chris showed Jc-10c for the flush. This pot took him up to around the 24K mark. Shortly after though he doubled a player up. The chips were all in the middle preflop and Chris turned over KK against JJ. You know where this is going, so I will simply say that the Jack hit on the flop. This setback knocked Chris back to around 16K.

Greg Raymer's stack had risen to around 35K but he has just had to give 9K of that to the player opposite him. He bet out 4K on a flop of 5h-8c-9h. The random dude moves in for 9K and Greg is priced in and calls with his flush draw and overs showing KhQh. His opponent had flopped top pair and Greg did not spike any of his outs. He is back down to 25Kish.


And to show this is a true team effort, Brad ended up reporting at Raymer's table as Greg got it all back. The pot was 600 six ways going to a flop of 2-3-5 rainbow. A young nordic player bet out 2000 and Greg called it, as the rest of the players went away. The turn was the king of clubs, putting two clubs on board. This time, the young man checked and Greg bet out 4000. He got a call. The river was the a non-club ace. Again, the young blonde-haired man checked. Greg wasted little time betting out 7000. His opponent agonized for a minute before folding in disgust. His friends on the rail reported seeing him peel up a deuce. Greg offered this little comfort: "I wouldn't bet that river with anything other than a straight or a bluff." His opponent stood and said, "Nice bluff." Raymer now sits on 36,000 as he goes to have a bite to eat.

Brad Willis
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