EPT Monte Carlo: Team PokerStars neighbours

by Simon Young

Germany's Katja Thater, having "really enjoyed" her table (well, she did have partner Jan on it, too), has now been moved - and is sitting right next to Team PokerStars colleague Victor Ramdin. Katja has around 20,000 - just 900 below the room average - while Victor has about 15,000.

Greg Raymer is still looking strong on more than 45,000, and is now keeping his opponents amused with tales of World Series hands of yesteryear, or 2005 to be precise. He recalls how close to the bubble, a player holding just 2-2 called his large river bet to bust out. "It was right near the bubble - did he really think I was bluffing him?" Rob Hollink, who won this Monte Carlo event two years ago but is struggling on about 2,000, nodded sagely.

Just then, Britain's Mark Teltscher, who won the London EPT last season, came to join the table, sitting to Raymer's right, and he then got treated by Raymer to the same 2-2 story. I think Teltscher would rather talk about cars, seeing as he has parked his gleaming red Ferrari right outside the building.

We are on level five - seven are being played tonight - and blinds are 150-300. We are down to 230 players from the 329 starters.

Brad Willis
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