EPT Monte Carlo: The little things

Update: End of Level 4 Chip Counts posted on the EPT Monte Carlo Chip Counts page

by Brad Willis

Dinner is such a welcome reprieve for the players, they run off faster than a fish's chips disappear. We would follow, but with such a large field, only half the players leave at a time. Thus, we stay here, snack on granola and caffeine, and wait for a late-night club sandwich. It's during these protein deprived times we find ourselves noticing the little things. After a day of watching big hands and fighting with Content Publishing Beasts, there are a few things that just make us smile.

Blondes on the rail

To be sure, there are women playing here and doing quite well for themselves. They looks they get, though, are often ones of a gambler's curiosity. The ladies at the tables give nothing away. Not a smile. Not a wink. And, if they're good, not a chip. So, when non-playing women find their way into the room, they become instant celebs. They become, if you will, a destination. Crowds form. Cameras snap. Voices grow louder. It's quite a sight to watch. I'm not saying they don't deserve the attention. I'm just saying, if you want to see people flock to a spot like sand water rushes through a hole in an earthen dam, watch for three blondes to shimmy into the room.

It makes us sing "Blondes on the Rail" to the tune of "Band on the Run" and we're not sure why

The Pained Man

I don't know the man in the black PokerStars fleece, but if I did, I might have better sight into his condition. Maybe it's his health. Maybe it's the ache in his back. Maybe it's the constant clicking and clacking of chips. Regardless, no matter whether he's raising, calling, or folding, he looks like someone is driving bamboo under his nails. I'd like to ask if he's okay, but I'm afraid the mere question could drive him to scream.

The Overbet

Punishing limpers can be good for fun and profit. So says the man in the one-seat of a table in the middle of the room. Actually, he didn't say it as much as watch four people limp for 200 into his small blind. His response: All-in for 8,000. Not surprisingly, everyone folded (including the Pained Man, who looked like it really hurt him to fold).

Side action

I thought the waiters were giving away free beer or puppies. It's been a long time since I've seen such a mad rush for the corner of the room. I thought for a moment I should run, too. After all, if there was a bear loose in the room (or they were, in fact, giving away free puppies), getting in that direction might have been a good idea.

"I've got three seats for a 500!" came the yell. And then I knew. The sit-and-gos had started. Now, one corner of the room is dedicated to the folks who aren't in action in the big event.

I, for one, would have preferred the puppies.

The side action in action

All the players have now returned from dinner, so it's back to the grind.

Brad Willis
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