EPT Prague: Adrenaline rush for some, nothing short of the nuts for others

Play has started on four tables. PokerStars qualifier and one half of the Zink brothers, Sebastian Zink finds himself on perhaps the toughest table, with Marc Karam, Adrian Foy and Markus Golser opposite. PokerStars qualifiers Jose Navarro and Anthony Phillips have former Swedish international footballer and EPT regular Thomas Brolin on their table.

Thomas Brolin

Nick Goodhall was first out but it was Sebastian Zink who made waves with one of the first major hands of the day.

Marc Karam led the hand placing a brown chip worth 5k into the pot. Sebastian called using a pile of red chips worth 500. Adrian Schaap, wearing a New York cap, also calls. A flop of 9-8-Q prompts Schaap to bet 24k in two towers of blue which he seemed to take an age compiling. Karam mucked but Zink moved all-in, a fact quietly announced by the dealer as Zink covered his face with his hand.

Schaap removed his glasses, drummed the table with his hand and called showing top pair. Zink though had him outdone, holding 9-8 for bottom two pair. The board dealt blanks. Sebastian first stood up, then clapped a few times, before shaking Schaap’s hand (Zink had Schaap covered).

PokerStars qualifier Sebastian Zink

Each hand is a lottery win in itself now and Sebastian allowed himself a quick smile after the adrenaline surge in his chest subsided.

Tournament update:

Not so fortunate was PokerStars qualifier Anthony Phillips. His day ended when he moved all-in and was called by Greek player Iliodoros Kamatakis. Queens against nines in favour of Kamatakis who called loudly for a queen (and got it) then just in case called for a full house (and got quads instead), proving that for some people if you ask you shall receive. Phillips out in 25th place for €10,100.

PokerStars qualifier Tony Phillips

Jose Navarro has also taken a knock, losing out on a pot to Kristian Kjondal who made a set of queens against a pair of tens and a straight draw.

Thomas Brolin has just become the latest victim of Iliodoros Kamatakis and his cries towards the gods of poker. A-K for Brolin against pocket jacks. Kamatakis called for a jack (and got it) and then with Brolin drawing dead, called for another. Brolin out for his first EPT cash finish.

All photos (c) Neil Stoddart

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