EPT Prague: Closing in on the final table

In what has been a rapid fire last few hours we’re down now to 10 players, with just one more to be eliminated before our final table of nine tomorrow.

Markus Golser

It’s been an adventure for some. Markus Golser made a perfect play earlier to boost his stack with a pot worth 960,000 only to lose the chip lead by dispersing his chips seemingly to everyone at his table, making these moments on the final table bubble all the more tense.

Christer Johansson

Swedish pro Christer Johansson also stands on the brink. He could potentially become only the second person to win both a WPT and EPT should he make the final tomorrow. Marc Karam could not recover from his earlier clash with Golser; he went out after a performance highly regarded by most. Not a flash player, Karam tends to build up slowly even after a set back and many thought he was likely to go all the way.

PokerStars qualifier Mike McDonald

Sadly we’ve lost two more PokerStars qualifiers but they go down as great performances from both Mike McDonald, who exited in 14th place and Sebastian Zink in 11th. Sebastian had encouragement from his twin brother Daniel along the way today. It leaves just Johannes Strassmann as the last of the PokerStars players as we await just one more elimination.

PokerStars qualifier Johannes Strassmann

The latest casualties:

16th – Adrian Koy -- Germany
15th – Cyril Bensoussan -- France
14th –Mike McDonald – PokerStars qualifier -- Canada
12th – Nikolas Liakos -- Sweden
11th – Sebastian Zink – PokerStars qualifier – Germany

All photos (c) Neil Stoddart

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