EPT Prague: Final table action

6.00pm -- Markus moves all-in but finds no callers. Play stops for a short break.

Nedzib Suman

5.52pm – Nedzib Suman, Sweden, eliminated in sixth place for €119,000
Another rush with a second player out in as many minutes. All in with A-T he was called by Juha with pocket sevens, which stood firm. Juha is on a tear as Nedzib leaves the tournament.

5.50pm – Dagomir Palovic, Slovakia, eliminated in seventh place for €93,600.
The last Slovakian is out. Dagomir was all-in with A-T against Kristian Kjondal’s A-J. Dagomir needed one of the three tens but it failed to materialize and with handshakes form players and from the rail, he was out.

5.33pm -- Juha moves in again. This time Dagomir calls. In unison the crowd rises as about to start singing the first hymn. From somewhere I heard "oh shhhh...." which may have been Dagomir who turned over A-Q to Juha's A-K. A king and jack on the flop put Juha ahead, another king on the turn left Dagomir needing a ten. It didn't come and Juha doubled up.

5.32pm -- Juha moves all-in but finds no takers.

5.25pm -- Nedzib is trying to kick start a few hands but gets no takers.

5.15pm -- Following a raise from Nedzib Gino re-raises, making it 210k to play. Nedzib calls the raise to see the flop 7-K-K. It doesn't take long for Gino to announce all-in, leaning his head on his hands in a position you might adopt to shade the sun from your eyes. Is it the lights or Nedzib that he doesn't want to see? Nedzib folds anyway.

Chip counts after the break:
Juha Lauttamus -- Finland -- 222k
Kristian Kjondal -- Norway -- 697k
Gino Alacqua -- Italy -- 634k
Markus Golser -- Austria -- 390k
Nedzib Suman -- Sweden -- 648k
Dagomir Palovic -- Slovakia -- 676k
Arnaud Mattern -- France -- 2,238k

5.00pm -- Play resumes with blinds now at 10k/20k with a 2k ante.

4.45pm -- Players are on a 15 minute break.

4.30pm – Markus Golser bet 50k which Dagomir Palovic re-raised to 150k. Folded back round to Markus, he takes no chances and folds.

4.15pm – Standard pot sharing, with each player taking their time after the incendiary start.

3.50pm – Mikael Norinder, Sweden, eliminated in eighth place for €63,200.
In an incredible turnaround Mikael Norinder moves all-in over a Kjondal raise. He called quickly, turning over A-K. For Mikael J-9. An ace on the turn and the tale of a rapid fire fall from grace is complete. Mikael Norinder out ahead of schedule.

3.45pm -- Kristian Kjondal raised and found Mikael Norinder calling. Frenchman Arnaud Mattern then re-raises which leads to Kristian folding and Mikael to doing something most on the rail are still trying to understand. Mikael mistakingly put too many chips into the pot, intending to call but without making his intentions clear. Tournament director Thomas Kremser ruled that this constituted a minimum raise. Arnaud then went all in for another 600k. Still in the spirit of surprise, Mikael called, making it a pot worth 1.9 million. Kings for Arnaud, A-Q for Mikael. The kings stood leaving Arnaud the new chip leader and incredibly Mikael down to 180k.

3.35pm – Johannes Strassmann, PokerStars player from Germany, eliminated in ninth place for €39,200.
Within minutes of the start PokerStars player Johannes Strassmann moved all-in, called by Mikael Norinder with pocket nines, to his pocket deuces. There’s no help for Strassmann, the first player out today.

3.30pm -- Cards are in the air.

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