EPT Prague: Final table action continues

Arnaud Mattern from Paris, France, wins the EPT Prague and €708,600.

10.52pm -- Gino Alacqua, Italy, eliminated in second place for €407,300.
A big noise, more standing, an all-in called. A-K for Arnaud, Q-Td for Gino. Arnaud is ahead and can win if he avoids lots of diamonds, queens and tens. 2-6-J flop with two diamonds. A lifeline for Gino. A king of hearts on the turn, and a deuce of clubs on the river. Arnaud Mattern is the winner of the EPT Prague.

10.35pm -- Arnaud moves all-in. Gino, not an English speaker, looks at the dealer and nods - one of those small gestures that can ultimately lead to great things. He's called. A whoosh waves over the table as the audience get to their feet. Pocket jacks for Arnaud, A-9 off for Gino who will need an ace. "One time" says someone in the crowd. I'm not sure what this means.

The flop comes 4-K-Q. Gino stands patiently, his hands infront of him like a dignitary just walked into the room. Or perhaps more accurately, like he was about to be punished, hea bent forward slightly. A deuce on the turn, a four on the river. Arnaud had doubled up. The French fans went nuts.

10.30pm -- Arnaud slowly accumulating chips, but it's a slow process. A logn way to go, but the French fans on the rail are growing more vocal.

10.15pm -- Pots are either won pre-flop or go to a showdown on the river, both players checking all the way.

10.10pm -- Gino sits back down at the table, glancing for a moment at teh suitcase of money positioned on teh table. Level 24 is to start with blinds at 30k/60k with a 6k ante.

9.50pm -- A 310k pot develops with a flop of 8-3-T. Gino checked and Arnaud bet 200k. Gino thought about it, making a 'bop' noise with his mouth, before folding. Players are taking a break.

Arnaud Mattern, with El Diablo in the distance

9.45pm -- Gino raises, Arnaud calls and they see a flop of K-9-K. When Arnaud checks Gino makes it 205k which is good for the pot.

9.35pm -- On a flop of 4-2-2 both players check. They do the same on the turn which brings a ten, but when the river brings an ace Gino bets 90k. Arnaud thinks, and calls, and see's Gino show T-4 for two pairs and the pot.

9.25pm -- The case of cash is on the table and alongside that the winner's trophy. Gino now plays each hand with his fingers against his temples, like an actor would hold himself if they were pretending to have a headache.

9.10pm -- Kristian Kjondal, Norway, eliminated in third place for €235,399.
With a flop already on the board of 3-4-5 Gino bets 200k. Kristian moves all in and Gino calls. Once more everyone on the rail is standing on something or someone to get a better view. K-6 for Kristian, K-5 for Gino who is slightly ahead and has Kristian slightly covered. The 8c on the turn gives Gino more outs on a club draw with Kristian needing a 2, 7 or 6 of the non-club kind. It didn't come. Kristian Kjondal to the rail - his best EPT performance so far. "Go the devil" yells a big man from the comfy seats.

8.55pm -- Kristian calls the big blind and Gino checks. The flop is A-Q-8 and Kristian bets out 75k. Gino calls and they both chck the turn and river, Gino taking the pot with king high.

8.50pm -- The crowd are divided - Italians make up the majority of the comfy seats, the French have a small corner alongside them and the Norwegians occupy the cheap seats on the floor.

8.40pm -- Chip counts as play resumes:
Kristian Kjondal -- Norway -- 1,651,000
Gino Alacqua -- Italy -- 2,349
Arnaud Mattern -- France -- 1,434

8.25pm -- Players take a ten minute break.

8.05pm – A Kristian raise, a re-raise from Gino and another pot goes the way of the Italian.

8.00pm -- Gino raises to 120k and Arnaud re-raises, putting him all-in. Gino makes the call, his whole stack of over 1.2 million is in the middle. He shows K-J to the pocket eights of the Frenchman. The king falls nicely on the flop, first card out the deck. He doubles up to around 2.2 million

7.55pm -- Juha Lauttmass, Finland, eliminated in fourth place for €182,200
Juha moves all-in finding Gino prepared to call. It’s Q-4 against Q-2 – Gino is ahead, more so when the four hits the flop.

7.45pm – A battle of the blinds kicks off. Arnaud in the small blind makes it 120k and Juha in the big asks ‘how much?’ Arnaud has 1.4 million behind. Juha goes all in. Arnaud calls fast showing aces. For Juha just pocket nines which are unaided on the flop, turn and river. A pot worth over 3 million goes to Arnaud and leaves Juha close to peril.

7.35pm – Blinds are now 20k/40k with 4k ante.

7.30pm -- Chip counts
Juha Lauttamus – Finland – 1,806,000
Kristian Kjondal – Norway – 1,070,000
Gino Alacqua – Italy – 1,073,000
Arnaud Mattern – France – 1,566,000

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