EPT Prague: First EPT visit to Prague set for great finale

The tables and chairs are in position, the lighting set, the crowds are gathering and taking seats along the bank of comfortable chairs along one side of Congress Hall – the first time we’ve been able to take advantage of that at an EPT. Everything is in place for a great final.

As we reported earlier this week getting a poker tournament to run smoothly isn’t an easy job. A lot of that comes down to the hosts. The entire EPT Prague has been a great experience for all involved, a sentiment shared by Lee Jones...

"This event couldn't have happened without the support of the Casino Atrium at the Prague Hilton. They have provided cashier services, allowing players to exchange (and buy back) their Euros and dollars at very competitive rates. There's one cashier, Martina, who I'm not sure has left the building this entire week. The Casino Atrium has also set up and run the cash games, which have been wildly successful since they opened the first one at about 7:00 PM this past Sunday. In short, the casino here has been a key contributor to the event's success and we're extremely grateful for their support."

It sets us up nicely for the final day. Just nine players remain from the initial 555who arrived in the Czech capital for day 1 on Monday, a final that was cast yesterday when Swede Christer Johansson was eliminated in tenth place. These nine players steered past some quality opposition to get here and now have a shot at a €708,600 winner’s cheque - a huge difference between that and €39,200 which the ninth place finisher will receive.

So how does the final table line up at the EPT Prague?

Seat 1 – Juha Lauttamus – Finland – 567k
Seat 2 – Kristian Kjondal – Norway – 740k
Seat 3 – Gino Alacqua – Italy – 660k
Seat 4 – Markus Golser – Austria – 352k
Seat 5 – Mikael Norinder – Sweden -- 1,036,000
Seat 6 – Nedzib Suman – Sweden – 216k
Seat 7 – Dagomir Palovic – Slovakia -- 759k
Seat 8 – Johannes Strassmann – PokerStars player – Germany – 245k
Seat 9 – Arnaud Mattern – France – 980k

Mikael Norinder has the chip lead, the only player with over a million, closely followed by Frenchman Arnaud Mattern. PokerStars player Johannes Strassman is one of the short stacks on 245k whilst nearest-to-local finalist Dagmoir Palovic aims to take the winners haul back with him across the border to Slovakia. Markus Golser has come close, but Kristian Kjondal is the only player of the bunch who has played in an EPT final before.

We’re about to find out what difference that will make.

Brad Willis
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