EPT Prague: From the bubble to the close of play

With only 62 players left it took only twenty minutes for the bubble to burst. PokerStars player Tommy Pavlicek survived his all-in and whoops and hollers filled the air at the news that the bubble had burst, seemingly in record time with the 58th and 57th places finishers eliminated within a few seconds. Nichlas Saarislta was eliminated whilst the tournament director was switching on the microphone to announce hand-for-hand play. No need.

That signalled a free for all among players feeling that a cash finish was a good time to their game to the opposition and a flurry of eliminations followed...

Out for €6,380 were:
56th -- Michael Durrer – PokerStars qualifier -- Germany
55th -- Simon Christensson – PokerStars qualifier -- Sweden

54th -- Gerd Mueller -- Germany
53rd -- Antoanell Judet -- Romania
52nd -- Erik Pettersson – PokerStars qualifier -- Sweden
51st -- Oyvind Roysem -- Norway
50th -- Magnus Petterson -- Sweden
49th -- Yann Monnier -- France

The elimination of Magnus Petersson means they’ll be no double EPT winner – at least not this week.

Picking up €7,600 were:
48th -- Nicolai Vivet – PokerStars qualifier -- Denmark
47th -- Robert Norberg -- Sweden
46th -- William Fitzpatrick -- Ireland
45th -- Maik Daehling – Germany
44th -- Juhani Junnilainen – PokerStars qualifier – Finland
43rd -- Tobias Reinkemi – Germany
42nd -- Carlos Keinhuis – Holland
41st -- Mikael Furst – Sweden

And so far, out for €8,850 are:
40th -- Britt Petersen – PokerStars qualifier – Holland
39th -- Jorma Nuutinen – PokerStars qualifier – Finland

38th -- Cristiano Blanco – Italy
37th -- Mika Hallstrom – Finland
36th -- Kai Are Hauge – Norway
35th -- Ville Nyman – Finland
34th -- Yannic Mulder – Holland
33rd -- Dennis Van Zoelen -- Holland

Play closes with 32 players destined to return tomorrow for day 3.

Brad Willis
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