EPT Prague: German qualifier's classy performance

Sebastian Zink may have fallen short of the final table but he didn’t fall short of impressing a lot of people this week. The modest 23-year-old from Bochum, Germany (a short distance to the EPT Dortmund) stopped by to chat after his elimination. Cognac in hand (“It makes me feel good”) revealed a few more details from his background that he was too modest to admit to in the conversations we’d had before.

Sebastian Zink

Sebastian is another of the Magic: The Gathering brigade who have made the conversion to poker and converted well. “It seems like a good training ground!” he said, adding the success he had playing has served him well at the poker table.

Aside from his €27,800 for 11th place here in Prague Sebastian’s owns an impressive record on PokerStars, notably for his second place in the WCOOP this year. It wasn’t just the result, which netted him $51,050; it was the classy way in which he waited for his heads-up opponent to restore internet connection, passing on an easy win, before playing to a finish. “It was the right thing to do.” His mother would be proud.

Add to that a 5th place in a Super Tuesday event and a 3rd place in a Sunday warm-up and it’s not surprise Sebastian took Prague by storm. “See you in Dortmund.”

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