EPT Prague: It's not over till it's over

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Meanwhile one of the most popular professionals on the European poker scene is Norwegian Age Spets. He has three EPT cashes to his name, two from Baden and another at the Monte Carlo grand final last season. But it seems without something radical and fast his best result of 13th in Baden this year won’t be beaten.

Age Spets photo courtesy of Poker Listings

Wearing his familiar camouflaged pattern jacket and a shock of untidy blonde hair he's playing on the edge of his seat. There seems to be some kind of private dual going on inside his head between good and bad demons – one of which wants to scream, the other to laugh it all off. By the looks of things the demons have agreed a truce and the noises are more a laughing death rattle.

The thing is Age has been card dead, or at least he can’t hit anything on the flop. But his high spirits are endearing him to the rest of his table and anyone passing by regardless. They want him here.

A hand develops on the flop. A bet from Age, re-raised by a quiet player forcing Age to fold his ace. He’s holding back that noise I was telling you about. “King-jack? King-eight?” he asks, with no reply. He laughs, leans back, and exhales. “Why can’t I hit?!” he says, but the poker gods send no answer. “Was it King.... no, no, forget it!” More laughing now, the good demons telling him reluctantly to let it go.

Then the turnaround hand, surely? The button raised to 600, Age on the small blind moved all-in. It’s another 675 which the button calls. Not wanting to show first Age peers over, eventually showing his pocket sevens - against T-9 of hearts.

A nine on the flop...

Age: Well done... (starts getting up)

Turn: 7

Age: Uh!

River: T

Age: Whooo!

“Welcome back!”

All smiles again. A lifeline for Age about the width of cotton. Could he hold on?

Well, no.... a few hands later he found pocket Tens. A reasonable hand until it runs headlong into pocket Kings. Age was right. He couldn’t hit. He's out in level five.

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