EPT Prague: More final table action

7.00pm -- Juha takes another pot uncontested, edging further and further into the lead.

6.45pm -- Markus Golser, Austria, eliminated in fifth place for €151,800.
Markus Golser's tournament is over. The short stack with five left, he called a pre-flop bet by Juha and moved all-in when the flop came Jc-6s-5c. Juha called showing Q-J to Markus' K-T of clubs. A flush draw and overcard for Markus, top pair for Juha. the turn card nine gave Markus more outs but neither arrived on the river. Juha reaps more chips, Markus out.

6.30pm -- A period of sustained calm. Pots changing hand but no more eliminations.

Brad Willis
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