EPT Prague: No time to rest in level eight

Some players begin to wind down, others find time for another hand before bedtime.

Katja Thater was almost caught out, calling an all-in by the young player next to her with Q-T of hearts against pocket Kings. The flop brought hearts, so did the turn and river, good enough for the Team PokerStars player to send another player to the rail.

The table settled down once again to a life of gentle riffling in an atmosphere now smelling of cheap cigarettes. A few players have drifted over from the cash games on the other side of the room, among them Annette Obrestad who plays tomorrow.

“This man is dressed like a business man and he’s robbing us!” This is Rolf Slotboom making fun of Ken Lennaard, the neatest man here, dressed in a shirt and tie and with a tendency to steal.

Ken Lennaard (without the tie)

Another hand develops, again with Katja at the wheel. She makes it 1,700 which Ken Lennaard calls. The seat one player comes in with another 5k on top. Katja deals with this by moving all-in.

With Lennaard out of the way it’s just the two of them. Katja adopts the hard stare position, a slight smile on her face but looking at nothing but her opponent.

He on the other hand is less composed and goes into the theatre of thinking this over. He looks up, counting in his head. Now he’s thinking of something else, his room number maybe, and then a blank expression settles on his face. He’s gone. No, he’s back! He starts counting again.

Katja Thater

Katja is still staring.

Something on another table catchers her opponent’s eye. He then has one last look at his cards, then another. He mucks a middle pair.

Katja comes out of her trance, a slight smile gives something away which Lennaard picks up on, causing her to laugh and grateful stack her new chips. Smiles all round, well from everyone except seat one. He’s down a few thousand as we close in on the end of day 1a.

Brad Willis
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