EPT Prague: PokerStars qualifiers making a run on the money

Sebastian Zink, his twin brother Daniel on the rail (it’s emerged they’re known as pocket- zinks), just got a boost to his hopes of cashing. An all-in bet pre-flop found Steven Devlin thinking over a call. He wanted a count and Sebastian set his chips out in a manner that asked ‘do you want my wallet too?’ Devlin called.

Sebastian Zink

A-5 for Sebastian, behind Devlin’s A-9. A brother on the rail is worth a card on the flop. The five hits, doubling-up the German who claps his hand then touches fists with his brother before breathing again.

PokerStars qualifier Jose Navarro

PokerStars qualifier Jose Navarro at the same table is also on his way to a cash finish. He’s the talk of the room for eliminating overnight chip leader and fellow PokerStars qualifier Steven Devlin when a flush draw vs set situation developed into a flush draw vs quads. The Spaniard held the latter and a big chunk of chips went to Navarro.

Florian Langman

Now, his stack looks like a large lumpy island, casting shadow over everyone else’s, particularly that of German Florian Langman. The third place finisher at EPT London moved all-in and Jose, after some internal persuading, was happy to call. Pocket threes for him, K-J for Florian. Nothing on the flop and turn, a three on the river sending Langman out.

All photos (c) Neil Stoddart

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