EPT Prague: Records to break

Like all sports poker has its records to be set and smashed without remorse. Who has the highest cash ranking without a tournament win, most final tables, the most money, the most cashes, the nation with the most winners(*)? It’s all in there somewhere on the EPT database for anyone willing to fish it out.

When it comes to the EPT Prague there are a few records out there for the taking. To start with the winner here will become the first ever EPT Prague Open winner, as well as €708,400 richer. But we all know it’s not about the money...

One player could potentially join Roland de Wolfe as part of an exclusive band of players to have won both an EPT and WPT title. Juha Helppi would have been a second had he not been eliminated yesterday but Christer Johansson, who started today with 42,600, still has that honour within his grasp.

Christer Johansson

Equally impressive and long awaited would be a double EPT winner. Seven players started in Prague with that potential. Pascal Perrault (Vienna 1), Rob Hollink (Monte Carlo season 1), Magnus Petersson (Copenhagen 3), Andreas Hoivold (Dortmund 3), Joseph Mouawad (London 4) and Julian Thew (Baden 4).

Alas, only Magnus Petersson remains from that group.

As far as final table finishers are concerned there are still plenty of those hoping to set their own personal record straight. Canadian Marc Karam, who came so close in Monte Carlo in season three when he finished runner-up to Gavin Griffin, started today with 36,700; Kristian Kjondal, ElkY, Michel Abecassis, Cristiano Blano, Casper Hansen, Richard Toth and Reijo Manninen are all final table finishers with redemption in mind.

A win today would provide a good story, a nice cheque to the winner and of course a seat in this year’s EPT Grand Final in beautiful Monte Carlo. But there are easier ways to win a seat to the Cote d’Azur.

As you spend half your morning scraping the ice off your car with your fingernails before giving in and risking damage to your Neteller card, the mind wanders to the end of the EPT season and spring time in Monte Carlo, the city in the sea and land of all things expensive, chic and excessive - the ‘fin de saison’ blow out.

EPT Grand Final runner-up Marc Karam

Still the heavy weight champion of the European tournaments (and beyond) the EPT Grand Final starts next April at its Monte Carlo Bay Hotel home. Two players here today have seen it from the business end – inaugural champion Rob Hollink knows what it’s like to win there, Canadian Marc Karam knows what it’s like to come so close (twice), taking home $1.8 million in the process, and Kristian Kjondal made last years’ final table.

Want in?

EPT Grand Final satellites are running on PokerStars now. Or if you fancy a little bit more of a challenge how about winning one of the forthcoming EPT events in the Caribbean, Dortmund, Copenhagen, San Remo or Warsaw? The winner of each will win an auomatic to the season finale, and a shot at what is expected to be a first prize of over €2 million.

See you there.

(*) Highest cash ranking without a tournament win, Marc Karam; most money, Gavin Griffin €1,825,010; most cashes, Julian Thew and Luca Pagano both on seven; most winning nation, United Kingdom with six.

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