EPT Prague: Status report at the end of level seven

I just took a quick tour of the card room to check up on today’s Bohemians left in level seven.

Katja Thater holds aloft the flag of Team PokerStars. Maximillian Bassil has gone but Ken Lennaard and Richard Toth remain behind at her table. Things have gone well enough for Katja who looks across the table from a position of good posture and with a stack of around 21k.

Marc Karam

A few tables along sits Marc Karam, the runner-up to Gavin Griffin at last season’s Grand Final in Monte Carlo. Marc is dressed like he’s in from the cold, a thick jacket and cap, and has a little work to do – 7k between him staying here and a trip back out into the cold.

Magnus Petersen

EPT Copenhagen winner Magnus Petersen leans forward in his chair examining a board of K-7-7. Magnus, the Ed Harris of poker, tips up his cap slightly and rubs his forehead, plentiful forehead since he razored his head. He riffles through his chips before pushing them across the line, calling an all-in. Magnus shows aces, his opponent shows a tournament ending bluff. Magnus makes the sound of a steam train as a shovel full of chips are pushed over to him by the dealer. “Another seat open!”

Joris Jaspers is a frequent PokerStars qualifier. The Dutchman is looking for a well-earned run in the EPT, something that has so far eluded him. Will it happen in Prague? He’s 8k to the good but that’s some way off the average, which stands at just over 22k.

Rob Hollink

Season one grand final winner Rob Hollink drifts through level seven. The big Dutchman looks tired, leaning his head against his hand in the headache position favoured by the stressed. No need for that though and Rob looks more comfortable than anything, sitting behind 25k.

Nearing the end of this tour of the card room Ken Lennaard is busy paying off a flopped pair of aces, the price it costs to take them on with pocket eights. He’s down now to 15k.

Completing the circuit we come to Pavel Blatny. The chess grand master is down a little from his earlier 18k peak, now on 12k. This is surely nothing more than a statistical blip and normal service will soon be resumed. Not enough to faze a grand master, and as the bell goes to mark the start of the eighth and final level of the day, Pavel is just one of many survivors who can see day two on the horizon.

Tournament update:

A few of the names eliminated on day 1a....

Julian Thew -- England
Jeff Kimber -- England
Johnny Lodden -- Norway
Nicholas Levi -- France
Bengt Sonnert -- Sweden
Birgitta Johansson -- Sweden
George McKeever -- Ireland
Ville Wahlbeck -- Finland

All photos (c) Neil Stoddart

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