EPT Prague: The trials of day 1b

The Czech writer Franz Kafka wrote his share of great works. The Trial about a man arrested for a crime he’s not aware of, The Castle about the bureaucratic abuse of power, and Metamorphosis, about a man waking up transformed into a giant insect. Well, not much to compare with a poker tournament then - no giant bugs, no authoritarian tournament directors laying down the law.

Team PokerStars pros Dario Minieri and Luca Pagano had rough days. Dario fell to the rail at the midway point whilst Luca battled from the start, stumbling only towards the end of the day.

The big names came and the big name went. Among those looking for alternative entertainment tomorrow include Annette Obrestad, Thomas Wahlroos, Jani Sointula, Andreas Hagen, Andreas Hoivold, Jan Skjavik, Ramzi Jelassi, Joseph Mouawad, Paul Jackson and William Thorsen.

We started this afternoon with 314 players, far above the day 1a starting figure. Throughout the day we heard from PokerStars qualifier Tobias Erath, Sondre Mikalsen and David Nigioni who each found the progress a little different whilst behind them the stories of Dario and Luca evolved.

Age Spets would be eliminated this evening too, but not without a humourous and courageous last few hands. And Ionut Dinescu, the PokerStars qualifier from Romania, showed just how much fun poker can be when the hard work was getting here in the first place.

Perhaps ther’s one vague link that the EPT Prague has with one fo the Czech Republic’s literary icons. Kafka never finished his stories, so we’ll never know the true endings. We’ll find out what happens to our own story tomorrow; who will play he part of the heroes and who the villains. Tomorrow is day 2 and 196 player will return to audition for those vacancies. But as it stands tonight it's all still to be written.

We start again at the Prague Hilton tomorrow at noon local time. But if you want a little more EPT coverage, check out the EPT video blog for features, news and interviews by clicking here.

For anyone wanting to catch up on the day’s action....

Wall to wall on day 1b

A look across the card room

Team PokerStars taking it to the opposition

It’s not over till it’s over

In the thick and thin of it

When you’re smiling

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