EPT Prague: When you're smiling...

The end of day 1b is closing in. Whilst Team PokerStars pro Luca Pagano has gone Romanian PokerStars qualifier Ionut Dinescu, also known as Claudiu, shows signs of enjoying himself in the closing stages of the day. And why not? The man from Bucharest is about to complete the first full day of his first EPT. He can afford to relax a bit.

PokerStars qualifier Ionut Dinescu

Although when I spoke to him earlier today he was just as laid back, down to 7k at the time but nonplussed and pragmatic. And having played poker for just two years must be happy with making the end of the day with a little over what he started with.

“It’s great. I won my seat on PokerStars for $10 in a special Eastern European satellite.”

His confidence sky-high (describing one opponent earlier as a “disaster – limping with 8-5!”), he’s set to bag up for the night. Give or take a few grand, it’ll be with a smile on his face.

Brad Willis
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