EPT Warsaw: A 'big girl's blouse'

Play has begun and 9 levels will be played tonight. Player's start with 10,000 chips, blinds are 25 50.

There are a few interesting tables. Blogger Simon Young is sitting at the kind of table he'd usually like to write about. Andy Black, Praz Banzi and Ramzi Jelassi. Maybe not the kind of table he'd want to play at...

Andy Black seems lively as ever, despite his 4am start this morning. He told Roland de Wolfe, 'You're a big girls blouse!' As Roland made a grab for Andy's chips, Andy told him, 'You're too fat to make a move like that!'

So far it's all table talk with those two, not many chips either won or lost.

I only discovered Roland was playing when I picked up his passport on the casino stairs. He'd dropped it. I hope he's not as careless with his chips today.

Another table I'll be watching contains PokerStars World Cup of Poker winner Andrej Skawinski, Johnny Lodden, Jan Sorensen and Henri Boutboul.

Karl Mahrenholz, Martin Wendt, Sverre Sondbo and Dortmund winner Andreas Hoivold also share a table. I took a few pictures of Sverre but none of them came out quite right - and I know a fair few ladies in PokerStars Staff here are eager for photo journalism about this Norwegian player. I'll try to oblige...

Simon the blogger, and Praz Bansi

Roland de Wolfe

Brad Willis
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