EPT Warsaw: All change

I was just complaining that nobody's playing a hand, and when I step away from the tables it all happens. There could also be an element of the 'bloggers curse.' I write about Alexandre Poulain and Luca Pagano, now both seem to be out. I'm afraid I missed the details of their exits.

I could also see no sign of Noah Boeken, and Thang Duc Nguyen. It is possible both these players have been moved. Players are now on a break and not at the tables, but I'll try to 'bring them back from the dead' for you if I find they still have chips.

Here's some approximate chips:

Katja Thater 9,500
Roy 'the boy' Brindley 40,000
Ashad Hussein 14,000
Ben Grundy 29,000
Nick Slade 14,000
ElkY 13,000
Ross Boatman 9,000
Jonas Molander 8,000
Marcel Luske 19,000

Noah Boeken missing presumed in a cash game..?

Brad Willis
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